Thoughts about the journey of life

I’m currently sitting with my husband & 3 kids at like 9:30pm in the LA airport waiting for our flight to Cambodia. I haven’t travelled a my kids internationally for many years & it’s interesting to watch how they each deal with the diversity of travel in very unique ways. Makes me appreciate how cool God is with us on this journey of life.
I find that God is immensely patient, extravagantly kind, continually generous & infinitely loving. When I watch, listen & wait for God, I find that my life becomes increasingly full of Divine & this is where I find Life 🙂



Wendy Brooks

Praying for you on your journey to Cambodia. Blessings!

Alice Jackson

God is always with you and your family. You are each interesting and blessed within yourselves. Patience, love and infinite giving is what defines you and your family. May you all have a safe and wonderful trip. Saving Moses is wonderful and exists because of you. Be well, stay blessed and HURRY BACK! We’ll miss all of you. Blessings. :^)

AMEN! GOd bless you and your family. May he keep you safe on your mission. I’ll be praying for you.

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