The right fight

In the war on terrorism, it can get tricky to figure out who to fight. Similar to the guerrilla warfare in Vietnam, when a soldier wears civilian clothing, it’s hard to figure out that he’s a soldier until it’s often too late. In the same way, the enemy of our soul often masquerades in what seems to be various human conflicts, stresses & pressures. If we only look at the outside of what’s happening, we’ll get distracted & fight the wrong fight, rather than warring against the true opposition of our soul. Jesus says in John 10:10 that the thief comes to kill, steal & destroy.
There is a real enemy warring against your soul & more often than not, your enemy isn’t your spouse, your pastor, your friend or your kids / parents, a co-worker or fellow student. The enemy of your soul is a masquerade genius, so don’t fall for the disguise!!



Hi Sarah, just a note to say “thank you” for this site. I look forward to reading it each day. Can we get an update on how your leg is doing? love to you

Hey Connie!
Thanks so much for the comment & feedback! Good question on the shoulder thing. I’ll try to put up a post in the next few days for an update. The good news is my shoulder is back in the socket, so that’s an upgrade ,)
Thanks again!!

Here’s a silly side bar. I was showing a property to some people along with my dog “Rocko” ,and before the people could all get in the door my dog had taken off to smell and visit some other dogs down the street. So, before I could realize it Rocko was gone. I went outside to call his name but no response. So I became upset and frustrated as to why didn’t he listen, why didn’t he come back, Why was he being disobedient, when the Lord said to me – “why didn’t you watch him better. Selah

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