the power of a closed door

I’ve been thinking alot about the closed doors that Jacob experienced in his life: the door was closed for him to stay at home when he tricked his dad for the blessing, the door was closed for him to stay w Laban when he recognized that he’d “worn out his welcome”, the door was closed for him (or so it seemed) when he “lost” Joseph to a wild animal, etc.  Jacob had ALOT of closed doors in his life & I think that these developments were extremely disturbing to him.

I think that perhaps the same is true for us – we don’t like it when things change & places of previous acceptance & comfort are no longer available.  Understandably, we tend to dislike instability.  But here’s the power of a closed door:

  • it means that God has something different open for you,
  • it means that you may possibly be moving into a new season,
  • it could mean that God has a promotion for you,
  • it could mean that the vision for your life has been too small

Don’t wallow in rejection or closed doors.  Don’t get obstinate & refuse to change or move forward.  Celebrate because God is up to something really good in your life!!!

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4 thoughts on “the power of a closed door

  1. Pastor Sarah you are very right, by sharing these thoughts you have diverted my attention to a closed door in my life , I should rather say closed “doors” . And I think God wants us to knock on the closed doors He wants us to pray for the doors to open . If He lets the doors be opened then we will pass through very easily without praying meaning without strengthening our bond with God . Closed doors drag us into a praying life and reveal the importance of prayers when the doors are opened for us . Hellelluhia

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