The Right No

We learn to say “no” at an early age often pigeonholed as the “terrible two’s”. While learning to say “no” is an important stage in our development, I think what’s even more important is the proper wisdom & discernment to use this word.

For example, saying an internal “no” to replying with a snarky comment to a rude flight attendant is good wisdom. Or saying no to the couch as an alternative to getting some daily exercise is also sound wisdom.
On the flip side, let’s make sure that our instinctive answer to anything the Holy Spirit ask of us is resoundingly YES!!

Say Yes!!

“I need to think about that.” This is my classic answer to the majority of the things my kids ask from me. If I impulsively say yes or no, I’m likely going to get into some hot water rather quickly.

But with Jesus, I always want to say “yes!” When we say yes to Jesus, it can be saying yes to

  • being kind to a stranger,
  • loving our kids when they get under our skin,
  • being generous with our finances,
  • helping a prostitute look after her baby or toddler,
  • praying for someone who’s sick
  • and lots of other things!

Let’s decide before Jesus asks that we’ll say “Yes!”

Are You Coming??


Let’s GO!!!! Let’s go do something amazing! Let’s join God’s redemptive plan for humanity! Let’s join a divine revolution & JUMP!  
Sometimes we can get stuck in our routines, responsibilities & even ruts. But sometimes, God wants to upset the apple cart & is merely waiting for us to give a small nod, “yes” & that’s when the adventure starts! To be sure, following Jesus has its fair share of thrills, disappointments & shockers. But in my experience, nothing satisfies the core of who I am more than walking with Jesus, whenever He leads, be that in brothels, slums, palaces, prisons, churches, crosswalks & carpools. So when Jesus beckons, may our default answer always me, “Let’s GO!!”

Celebrating New!

I LOVE new adventures, so this weekend was absolutely a BLAST!  I had the honor to visit & minister in Argentina, a new country for me & I LOVED it!!!

I also made some new friends, Santiago, Thomas, Ana, Chad, Daniella & lots more – so much FUN!  It was particularly amazing to join in a totally God led conversation with Santiago, Thomas & Ana on a random bus ride – such an amazing experience!
It completely rocks my world to always have new adventures with God & I hope that I say “yes” to God more & better than I say “wait” or “no”. 
Saying “yes” to God often is the same as saying “no” to fear, selfishness, impossible & discouragement.  So let’s make our default answer to whatever God asks us to do, “Yes!” And let the adventure begin!

just don’t do it

Happy post Labor Day!  Nike says, “Just do it” and I like to think of this tagline when it comes to obeying Jesus, “just do it!” and say, “YES!!!”


But consider this, when we say “yes” to Jesus, let’s also consider that our agreement with Jesus will also mean disagreement with other things.  Saying “yes” to Jesus also means saying “no” to unforgiveness, bitterness, hatred, selfishness, apathy and lots more.

Just do it, also means just don’t do it ,)

my 999 plan

 Someone told me about a new tax plan – something about proportional taxation.  Seems like an interesting idea & I can see that our economy has some challenges & we need to make some changes.  From these 2 sentences, please don’t project that I’m advocating any political position, party or platform.  Rather, my point is that we need to always be learning, growing & adapting – this is my 999 plan:  to continue growing.

I want to always be growing, learning & maturing.  Along this line, I want to always be growing in my relationship with God and truthfully, I never want to say “no” to God.  I don’t want my intellect to be a limit to God.  I don’t want my desires or will to be a hindrance to God moving in my life.  I don’t want my past failures or successes to impede God’s presence in my current daily living.  I don’t want my pride to cause a separation from God.  I just don’t want to say “no” to God in any way or context.  I don’t want to say no to God in my marriage, finances, relationships, with Saving Moses, my values, perspective, thinking,  or in any area.  Simply put, my 999 plan is this:  Yes, God 🙂