Solutions for Congestion

Congestion isn’t appealing.  We don’t like to be congested from a cough or the flu and when traffic is congested, it’s not a pleasant experience to navigate.  Congested means too much and it happens when there are too many cars or when our immune system is trying to fight against a virus or bacteria.  So what are some possible solutions for congestion?

Here are some interesting ideas for your consideration:

  • drink more water:  when we are congested with sin, the washing of the water of the Word (Eph 5:26) can help to flush out the sinful toxins that are harmful to our walk with Jesus.
  • rest:  often times our lives get congested because we don’t maximize the rest times that God gives to us (Matt 11:28).  If you’re in congested traffic, consider using the time to thank God for various things throughout the day.
  • patience:  congestion can make us anxious and stressed out, which only makes the congestion worse.  Consider what Jesus says in Luke 21:19, “In patience, possess your souls.”  Seasons change and things come to pass but not stay.

May the healing and redemptive power of Jesus help us get past the congested times and maladies in our lives!


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Hot Topic: Get HELP!!

I was making my coffee this morning & didn’t pay attention well, so I accidentally burned my hand – HELP!!!! That’s about what I said, at maximum volume. My son jumped into action & grabbed some ice that immediately helped soothe the burn. Thankfully, he helped me & didn’t make me feel stupid for making my thoughtless mistake. 
Seems to me that this is often what the Holy Spirit does – readily aides our cry for help, comforts & heals what hurts without making us feel stupid or shamed in the process. 

Be sure to get your copy of Heavenly Help – we both need more Help than we realize 🙂  

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something cool to watch from Angola :)

I’ve still been pondering alot about my experiences in Angola & I’m finding that @savingmoses seems to never be far below the surface of whatever activity or conversation in which I’m involved.  Some things that I’ve noticed about myself since returning from Angola include:

  • I think I’m more compassionate – I find myself extending patience, grace, acceptance & love to people more than I have in the past, even though I’m presently in a fairly stressful season of life
  • my dreams seem to be more vivid or I’m remembering them better when I wake up.  I’m not dreaming about Angola, but I seem to be having fairly meaningful dreams
  • I find myself thinking in increments of $30 because I’ve figured out that I can keep a baby from starving to death for about $30 / month w saving moses.
  • When I see babies now, it seems like my immediate subconscious reaction is to ask how much they weigh & I’m asking myself if I’ll ever get back to the “so cute” first reaction.
  • I also find myself having REALLY BIG THOUGHTS, maybe even grandiose plans, about how to keep babies from starving to death

This is a really honest window into my thoughts over the last few weeks.

I’m also working to develop some video skills, so if your brave (wink), take a look at this link & let me know if you like it or any suggestions for improvements 🙂


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