The Voice

There’s a popular tv show out called “The Voice”. The general idea is related to finding vocally talented peeps & putting them on tv to compete for the top prize. There are loads of phenomenal individuals who have amazing voices, but there’s only one Voice that needs our steady attention & the is the voice of our Good Shepherd, from John 10.

When we think about all the voices in our lives (appetites, worries, relationships, things we need to do, etc), we can get overwhelmed with this barrage of input. But alas, there is one Voice who is worthy of our consistent attention. There is one Voice who invites us to experience genuine Love. There is one Voice who leads us along paths of peace & divine productivity & that is the Voice of our Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ.
Let’s be sure that the volume is appropriately adjusted for the various voices in our lives so that Jesus’ Voice gets our best attention & obedience!

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Remote Control

When my husband & I watch tv together, it’s an interesting adventure. If he drives, it seems that we wind up watching nothing to a conclusion. If I drive, we see too many commercials. Thankfully, we both enjoy watching sports & this helps us find some middle ground that we both enjoy 🙂
But before there were remote controls for changing the volume & channels on TV, we used to physically get up & turn the knob to adjust the volume or watch something different – a more tactile & active exercise than the modern remote control evolution. 

Let’s be sure, however, that we give Jesus “remote control” in our lives. Indeed, let’s allow Jesus to work in our lives so that we watch & focus on the things that are most pleasing to Him. Let’s allow Jesus to drive ,)

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Turn Up the Volume

Three members of my family lean toward the loud side of volume & two of us not as much. Of course when I was a teenager, there were the normal moments of loud & intense but as I age, I find that often what I most relish is found not in noisy & frenzied. Instead, it’s entirely astounding what a person can experience walking alone at night in some rain or gentle snowfall. I also find that the moments of quiet that I give to God during any given day have great volume & application in my day to day living. 
In a season that has the potential to be full of high octane demands, full on loud & overflowing with busy, let’s pay attention to keeping some quiet & still in our daily living. Doing this can help us to hear the gentle, affirming & inviting words of Jesus, whispering into our hearts & throughout each day. Let’s turn up the volume on Jesus’ voice by turning down the volume on the demands of a potentially frenzied holiday season 🙂

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Tom & Jerry

My boys are on Fall Break & they’re watching a classic Tom & Jerry cartoon, where the cat gets killed in a thousand different ways & manages to come back for more. I remember watching these cartoons when I was little & I was perplexed how that cat could stay alive & then be so stupid to keep coming back for more. I guess I missed the point & sometimes I still do. 
There are other points that we can sometimes miss:

  • How is it that we sometimes miss the point that God loves us because God is love & not because of our pristine behavior
  • How is it that we miss the point that forgiveness is supposed to be a continuous action in both receiving & giving
  • How is it that we miss the point that life is more rich from being generous rather than from consuming & hoarding
  • How do I miss the point that Jesus is God’s selfie & Christmas affords me the yearly chance to celebrate such divine extravagance?

Maybe the volume is too loud with Tom & Jerry or the white noise in our lives to catch these seemingly finer points ,)

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