Saving Moses meets Albania

Greetings from Albania! Yesterday we had the privilege of experiencing a wonderful ministry / NGO for little people under 5 yrs old. We were able to meet around 50 small people between 0-5 years old. Many of these children have been abandoned by their moms & families & consequently need a stable & safe place where they can grow, be fed & cared for.

We also had the honor of meeting 2 new moms – one has a little girl who is 2months old & the other mom is about 6months preg. Both of these unwed moms do not have a permanent place to live nor employment by which to support themselves or their babies. One of the moms is from an orphanage & as such has no familial support. The other mom has been estranged from her family when they found out that she was pregnant. In Albania if a woman gets pregnant out of wedlock, it is common for her family to disown her so she is often left to fend for herself & for her baby, in a country w rather high unemployment. It is a very fightening time for a new mother & I was deeply moved by the tremendous pressure & uncertainty these mothers are facing.

I find in my travels that it is a universal human desire to be loved & secure. As a mother, with Jesus, nothing is more important that we want to give our children than love, security & a future filled w hope