tv taping

my brain & a typhoon

I’ve been sitting here thinking about this day & reflecting about why my brain doesn’t seem very perky.  As I think about this, it causes me to consider what happened today:

  • stresser concern about Benji coughing (he woke up at 1130pm last night coughing, so I slept w him until about 2am)
  • kids getting to school late
  • tv taping – VERY important day & trying to get it done well & be helpful to people
  • work stresses
  • remembered a phone call i’ve needed to make for the past week  🙁
  • crossing guard – probably the smoothest part of my day
  • my brother-in-law letting me know he’s coming for dinner when I was planning to have pizza rolls for the kids & leftovers for Reece – yikes!
  • Senate meeting for Bell & David’s school – very smart people i get to hang out w
  • lots of thinking, trying to understand & feeling kind of stupid (although generally keeping my mouth shut in an endeavor to look intelligent)

So, this day has been typhoon-ish.  I would like tomorrow be calm-ish.  That would be a nice counter-point.  The interesting thing about this day, however, is that God really spoke w me before the day ever got really moving that He uses all things for good to those who love Him & are called according to His purposes (Rom 8:28).  My conclusion from the entirety of this day is to keep loving God & He works it all out.  The End

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an eclectic life

so today, we had tv taping & interviewed a few guests – one of whom is simply a legend: Arthur Blessit.  The guy is fantastic:  he loves Jesus passionately, loves people sincerely & has a movie & book coming out in the next few months.  I’ve hung out w him from time to time & I’m always impressed with his deep love for Jesus . . . . I’m at a pause here because I’m a bit speechless.  He’s also good friends w RT Kendall, which for me is the good housekeeping seal of approval, so to speak.  If you don’t know these either of these guys, they’re worth a google.

After tv taping, I proceded to put on the mommy hat & attempt to organize the transportation for 20+ kids for a Chess tournie w David’s team from school (I’m the transportation coordinator – yowzer!).  That was an adventure, but everyone got there & David & our school team won!  Upon coming home, I put a chix in the oven for dinner, did some tv planning work & returned to pick up David & some of his friends to return everyone home.  Isabell had her girlscout cookie launch tonight, so she got a ride to the cookie rally w a neighbor (she’s EXTREMELY excited to sell cookies this year) & I did the weekly grocery shopping.  The rest of the day has been rather uneventful but busy nonetheless & I’m now tired.

I asked Arthur Blessit about fasting – more on that later.  🙂

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could use a little prayer

Happy day to you!  Hope life is groovy & grand for you in this 24 hour gift.  🙂

Mom & I have tv taping today & it has the potential to be somewhat intense.  We’ll be talking about the end times, a topic mom is quite good at & I’m still in the “learning to bake chicken” phase of this topic (see the back in the kitchen post from last week).  So if that didn’t make any sense to you, let’s simplify & suffice it to say “please pray for us today for TV taping to go smoothly & have Jesus’ presence on it.” 

Gracias, vielen dank, spaceba, xie xie, merci, . . . .!

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