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Running Out of Gas

I have a friend who routinely runs out of gas, despite texts from her husband, the warning light & calendar reminders. Similar to my friend, sometimes the demands of life exceed the energy in our souls & bodies. So what should we do when we run out of gas?

Here are some suggestions that might be helpful:

  • Sabbath – the biblical principle of a day of rest on a weekly basis is very helpful
  • Focal Point – let tomorrow stay in Gods hands & trust God to give you strength for this hour
  • Walking – strange as it sounds, taking a walk (even a short one) will often give me some added energy
  • Food – I find that when I eat lots of sugar, drink an overload of caffeine I get tired really fast (water & fresh veggies are helpful alternatives)

May God give you strength in the inside for this day!  Psalm 138:3 🙂

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presidential debate

While I’m a very patriotic person & I love our country, in all honesty, I’m not very political, even when the presidential debate is in my city.  While President Obama & Mr Romney were talking about healthcare, taxes, jobs and more, I was speaking in our church about Jesus’ words related to the world hating His followers – maybe some personal irony.

With that being said, here are some of thoughts about last night’s debate:

  • I’m extremely happy that both candidates are very intelligent, passionate & articulate – being led by indifference & stupidity isn’t good for anyone 🙂
  • In Proverbs it says that God has the heart of the king in His hand and He turns it in whatever way that He desires – translation:  God is sovereign
  • I have the firm conviction that prayer always trumps politics – asking the all-powerful and all-wise God to help our leaders, no matter who they are, can accomplish far more than the best human efforts and wisdom
  • vote – the end 🙂
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