thank you so much!

Wow!!  I can’t begin to thank everyone for their kind words, support & care after my blog about my dad’s death.  We’ve had such great encouragement, affirming words and love – way beyond my ability to express gratitude.  Thank you again and again!!  While this is a bit of a rough season, it’s also really wonderful to sense Jesus’ love through so many different people and so many different ways.  Thanks loads for letting Jesus use you to bring comfort and care to our family. 

May God reach into your life, open your eyes and increase your sensitivity to the immense and infinite love that God has for you.  Again, thanks so much!!

THANKS so much!!!

smile_orangutanI can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of the fasting feedback!!  I’m using lots of the insights personally in fasting, so thank you LOADS for helping me grow in God by sharing your thoughts & experiences!  If you haven’t left a comment yet, please do – even if you don’t think you have much to say (something is better than nothing). 

Also, do you have any books or additional websites you’d recommend for fasting?  Please leave any ideas you have in a comment, as I’m trying to be pretty thorough. 

Again, thanks so much for your help & keep it coming! 🙂

a little bit of thanks

Don’t forget the thanks!  We’re soon coming into a season of the year where it seems like the pace of life ramps up to warp speed.  But before you consider groaning about everything you need to do, or about the shortage of money you may have, or about the politicial situation, or whatever may cause your stomach to twist – take a minute or two to express some gratitude to the Great I AM.  Let me help you start:  God thank you so much for the beauty of the leaves turning in the Autumn season.  They’re spectacular this year.  Thanks God for not giving me everything that I’ve asked for – I can see that you’re a loving Father and not an indulgent placator.  Thank You for giving me peace in my heart.  I feel your presence despite what seems to be the chaos in the world from the media, etc.  Thank You for Your Word – it gives my feet ground, my mind solace & keeps my heart full. 
What are some things for which you’re thankful?