Way Better!!

My husband & I use different routes for driving our kids to their various activities. Normally, I think my way is better: faster, less traffic, etc. Today, I see that I’m wrong. The route he uses is far superior to my way & I could’ve learned this much sooner had I not been so obstinate.

This seems to ring true between the Holy Spirit & me as well. How many times have I stayed glued to my methods & plans only to learn the hard way that the Holy Spirit always has better ways than me. Let’s live in the reality of Isaiah 55:8-9, “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord. 9 “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways And My thoughts than your thoughts.
God’s ways are always the upgrade!!

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Walking in Uncertainty

I think that most of us like to have a plan & know what’s happening, not only in our day to day activities but also in some longer time perspectives. This was a challenge that Jacob had, having served his father-in-law, Laban, for 20 years. There was a lot of stability & safety for Jacob as he worked for Laban, with of course some hotspots to navigate (deception, wage changes, etc). But there was a time for Jacob to move his family away from Laban & back to his homeland, but not without some tricky conversations & exchanges. It seems to me that absolutely there was uncertainty & instability in Jacob’s family in this season. 
So how do we walk in seasons of uncertainty? Here are a few suggestions:

  • pray a lot
  • determine to get better at trusting God (Prov 22:19)
  • keep your focus on God & not only the circumstances or people
  • keep moving – don’t get quagmired in fear, analysis or distractions 

Of all things, be sure to stay in step, on pace, with the Holy Spirit!! 


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Today is an important day for Saving Moses, as we are praying, planning & strategizing for what God wants to do with Saving Moses in 2016. Days like this are important & they are have very massive impact for what we do in 2016, as well as how we do those significant goals.

We have this annual meeting at my house, so there are things that I do to prepare: clean the house, get coffee / tea ready, my husband made fresh biscuits this morning for everyone, I’ve made some good plans for lunch & some other things. Suffice it to say that I’ve prepared for this meeting with logistical foresight, mostly. But the most important thing I can do for this meeting is pre-prayer.

Let’s always remember that prayer is foundation for all of our preparation, so let’s always pre-prayer for each day J

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How to Overcome Rejection

“He doesn’t like nor love me.” This was a common theme in Leah’s life. Leach was the wife of Jacob & daughter of Laban, Rachel’s sister. Leah’s dad pawned her off to be Jacob’s wife through trickery & then after she was married, she rightfully felt that Jacob “hated” her – Leah personified rejection, the walking illustration of “a chip on the shoulder”.
Rejection is awful no matter when or how we experience it, it’s awful but we all go through it, operative word, “THROUGH”.
Leah’s strategy for rejection management had a few helpful points for us:
*Reuben – her first son was called Reuben, with the declaration that God sees her & we must know that God not only sees us but we must keep our eyes on God!
*Simeon – her second son’s name was meant to say that God hears us – you have God’s ear
*Levi was her third son & his name means to attach or connect – remain connected & attached to God, never rejected by God 🙂

Be very clear that God never turns a blind eye not deaf ear to you & that you are wholly accepted, embraced & celebrated by the Creator of the universe, fearfully & wonderfully made!!

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Hot Topic: parking tickets

The bad news: I’ve had a problem with parking tickets, in the past
The good news: I figured out a solution to prevent the parking ticket “challenge”
The quick story: I never have change for parking tickets & I’ve struggled to figure out how much time to put on the meter when it can accept a credit card. Most of the time when I earned a parking ticket it was because I didn’t have enough money on the meter.
Solution: fill up the meter to its maximum regardless of how long I plan to stay. This fixes 2 things at the same time – no parking ticket & blessing someone after me with some free parking.
Moral of the story: being stingy is expensive ,)

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From time to time, I think it’s important to do some assessment & personal inventory. We tend to do these kinds of exercises at the end of the year in anticipation of some possible New Years resolutions that we might consider. But I think that doing an occasional personal assessment is really healthy. So here are some questions & things to consider:
*What are 3-5 things that would be my top essentials?
*What are the consistent inputs that I have in my life? What do I watch, read, listen to, friend conversations, etc?
*Are these inputs what I need to constructively support the 3-5 essentials that I identified above?
*What top 3 areas in my life need more work, attention & help?
*Am I doing things that I could eliminate?
*Most importantly, how does my daily living align with my personal relationship w God? What adjustments do I need to make?

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