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“Good” Friday

Generally, I like Fridays and they usually tend to all be “good.”  But today we celebrate “Good Friday”, the day when we remember that when God became flesh as Jesus, dwelt among us and was crucified.  People treated Jesus with the normal human fickle behavior, heralding Him as King one day and then crucifying Him a few days later – the most brutal form of corporal punishment that humans could achieve at that time.  And Jesus came to earth, connected with humanity is very vibrant and real ways, knowing full well how we would brutally murder Him, the only innocent man to live among us.  And all of His decisions came from such genuine and authentic love that we continue to have difficulty grasping and appreciating this genuine love to us.  So today we celebrate “Good Friday”, the day on which we can observe genuine love expressed in the most pure demonstration.  Happy Good Friday, my friend 🙂

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