Being happy any place & any time

I just want to be happy! We’ve all heard this & probably even said it a few times ourselves. Some people seem to be more naturally proned to being happy & maybe they’re just optimists. Or, maybe they know the secret of being thankful, even when it’s not Thanksgiving. When you find yourself in a funk, start thinking of the things for which you can be grateful – the more you do this, it’s highly possible that your happiness quotient will increase. Another secret to be happy relates to being generous, but that’s for another day ūüôā

a thorough loving

¬† I had a really nice time this morning waking up my son – he was very snuggly & wanted to share a secret. ¬†When I told him that I was listening, he said, “you first – you share a secret first & then I’ll tell you my secret.” ¬†So I paused for a minute to think about what level of secret to share (secret ingredient in my pecan pie or a secret pain in my heart). ¬†I decided to go with the deep option & shared something with him that is super close to my heart. ¬†He assured me that my secret is safe with him. ¬†After this, he also shared a deep secret with me & we had a very nice deep conversation.

This interaction has caused me to think about my relationship w God – I think He wants to more thoroughly love us by coming into the secrets we keep in our lives. ¬†Indeed, when my son shared his secret with me, I felt lots closer to him. ¬†With this experience, I’m even more convinced that God wants to be closer to us & one way that we cooperate with His desires is to be more vulnerable & transparent with Him. ¬†We must know that He never rejects us – even in our worst state & when we are wholly deplorable to ourselves. ¬†You are highly treasured & deeply valuable to your Creator