Celebrate Genuine Love!

Being that today is Halloween, the last day of October, it’s a great day to celebrate genuine love!  I say this because Halloween was always a scary holiday to me, with all the skeletons, tombstones, ghosts and macabre images.  When I was a kid, this day often left me fearful.  In contrast, 1 John 4:18 says that perfect love casts out fear.  So instead of accentuating fear, today I choose to celebrate genuine love!

Here are a few suggestions that might help you celebrate genuine love today:

  • Look for people to encourage throughout today – what they’re wearing, nice hair, friendly smile, beautiful eyes, witty wisdom & LOADS more
  • Let Jesus love you throughout today – reject the enemy’s lies that say you’re inadequate, have no hope, going to fail, or that you’re a mutant
  • Smile & watch for gratitude opportunities – clean air, warm sun, nice coffee / tea, clean water, beautiful trees & HEAPS more!!

Happy Genuine Love day to you!!

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Leaping Lizards!!

If a lizard jumps on my leg, I’ll likely leap in startled surprise, hoping to loose the lizard & releasing my lips in loud yelps ,)

Just some literary fun that popped into my mind as I just watched a little lizard shuffle with staccato footsteps along a rail, watching carefully to see if I’d do anything scary or startling. Truth be known, I’m not a reptile fan of any sort. They creep me out, entirely. So this lizard had absolutely NOTHING to fear, whatsoever. 
Maybe the devil is kind of like that, altogether scared of us, but pretending to be bold & strong by deception & intimidation – smokescreens my friends. The devil uses slight of hand, loud noises, spooky images & deceptive emotions to make us freeze & evaporate in fear & discouragement. Don’t buy the lies & stop smoking his weed. Only Jesus has truth, destiny & purpose for our hearts, grounded in nothing less than genuine love. 
No more leaping lizards ,)
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Driving Blind

Last night, I had a rather harrowing & long drive home in a snowstorm. It was no bueno. I almost slipped off the road several times & had a super difficult time seeing where I was driving. By the time I got home, I decided that in the future, I’d pull over & get a hotel room for the night – cheaper than a car wreck 🙂

Part of my adventure was the whole driving blind experience. There were points when the snow was so dense that it was virtually impossible to see, so obviously I made some speed adjustments & figured out some different ways to locate where I was driving (guide rails, other cars, etc), along with lots of praying. 
Sometimes, our faith walk can feel like blind driving – scary, unclear, stressful & even harrowing. The upside of our faith walk, in contrast to my driving scare last night, is that God is driving, full stop. When I ride in synch with God, I don’t always know exactly where we are going but I can trust that God isn’t malevolent but rather has good plans & outcomes for my life (Jer 29:11) & is the best driver, full stop 🙂
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