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Saving Moses Meets Albania!!

I just landed in Tirana Albania & I’m really excited to see what God is doing here!! I’m excited in many different ways because of the diversity of ministry opportunities that we have here. We get to do some humanitarian relief, we get to pray for the sick in our evening meetings & we get to minister to Christian leaders from throughout Albania. On a personal level, I’m extremely excited about what we get to do in Albania w saving Moses. In a few minutes i’m going to leave w some friends to visit a ministry (NGO) who is very tuned into the needs of kids under 5, infants & pregnant moms. I’m eager to get to bring saving Moses to Albania, the homeland for Mother Teresa – what a fantastic privilege to be in the country where such a powerful & impacting woman was born. Even though she was a flawed human, Jesus used her life in extravgant displays of love. I pray that Jesus would use saving Moses & me to express His deep & profound love to “the least of these.”

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Gods Faithfulness in Germany!

Here’s something really cool: today, I have the privilege of getting to minister at Gospel Life Center in Munich Germany. This is particularly meaningful to me for lots of different reasons. First, German was my major in my university studies. Second, I almost always sense a special presence of God when I get to minister internationally. But most importantly, twenty years ago when I was studying in Germany for my degree, I turned my back on Jesus to explore other faiths & make my own decisions as they related to what I believe. Twenty years ago, I visited this exact church when I was wrestling with my faith. Twenty years ago, I felt disconnected from God & almost like He had forsaken me.
Today, I get to breathe redemption. I get to share about loving Jesus & having an intimate relationship w Jesus in a place where I had been lost & turned away from God.
I love getting to be in Gospel Life Center in Munich. I love the people. I love the heart of this church. I love getting to experience God in this place, with this spiritual family. I love getting to worship God in German. They’re rehearsing now for worship & I can hear them singing “how great is our God, sing w me, how great is our God”.
Yes and amen, how truly great is our God.
Tomorrow I get to experience Gods greatness in Albania w saving Moses. I’ll be blogging everyday – so come along & let’s enjoy this trip together!

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Well today was captivating!! This morning, we were able to visit a barrio w many Nicaraguan refugees who live next to a garbage dump – it was extremely heart warming to get to share w some of Gods love w this community & the beautiful families we were able to touch. Such sweet people!
Our team was able to retrn in the afternoon & bring some coloring bks, crayons & food.
Then tonight, I had the tremendous honor of getting to worship w & minister to the youth & young adults at Centro Evangelistico – a totally GREAT church here in San Jose Costa Rica!! I shared about not letting our past control our future. Then, we got to minister & pray w people at the end. I seriously think I must be Gods favorite person on the planet tonight – getting to share His love in so many different ways today. He has captured my heart, yet again & I’m so happy that He has!!
It’s time to sleep now & dream about Jesus. I’ll blog tomorrow to keep you posted about the adventures of the day ,)

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Costa Rica, here we come!!

I’m very excited to get to go to Costa Rica today! Our womens metoring exhange is joining a few thousand women from Central America to experience God, have some great fellowship & let Gods word & presence soak into our hearts!!
I’m also REALLY excited because we also get to bring Saving Moses to Cosa Rica – both Benji, my son & I are going to be doing some very essential outreaches to some impoverished communities, to demonstrate Gods tangible love, especially to kids under 5yrs old. I’m particularly excited about having my son join me for his 1st solo missions trip. I believe that this trip will be life changing for both of us!
I’ll be blogging everyday, as well as doing Twitter & Facebook updates really frequently so I’d love to have you join our adventure to keep you up to speed on what God will be doing w us!!

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Pictures of saving Moses in Cambodia

So I’m attempting to get some pictures up to show you some really cool people & things here in Cambodia from today:

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God’s goodness in many different ways!

Can i just say that this weekend has been thoroughly cool & i’m serious!  Yesterday, our church (orcc) had a clean up day & more than 70 folks showed up to transform our building.  It was in desperate need of some tlc & they even pulled out 3 tree stumps!  Reece & the kids came home pretty grungy, but SUPER fulfilled, getting to do something meaningful  w our uber cool church fam!!

Next, mom is in Detroit & held a healing symposium at one of the largest mosques in America.  This is a totally ground breaking event & there’s been great synergy between her the & imam of the mosque.  She sent me a text this morning & said it went SUPER well & she was extremely pleased!!  A Congressman came to the event, as well as Bishop Winans.  This was a total God win! 🙂

As for me, i had the honor of getting to promote saving moses on the int’l tv network, Daystar.  This is the 1st time i’ve had the honor to do this & i was blown away by the generosity of Marcus & Joni Lamb – simply amazing.

Its seriously breathtaking to watch God work.  I’m in awe

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saving Moses

When i was in Ethiopia last summer, i met twin newborn girls who had been abandoned in a field & this really rocked my world.  This experience has stuck with me & resonated in my heart, growing to the point that i felt God really zero into me & talk about doing something about a worldwide problem – infant mortality.  Truth be known, most of the children around the world who die under the age of 5, die for simple reasons:  poor to nonexistent nutrition, lack of education in newborn care, poor water supply and a few other factors.  These problems are not insurmountable.

So God put it in my heart to launch our “saving Moses” campaign – a project to decrease infant mortality around the world.  When you think about Moses, his mom, sister & a complete stranger (Pharoah’s daughter) rescued Moses, who was used by God to deliver the Israelites from decades & even centuries of slavery, given the 10 Commandments, Tabernacle plans and the 1st 5 books of the OT  by God.  Moses was mightily used by God.  Thank God people stepped into his life to “save Moses.”  I’d venture to say that possibly God could use us to “save Moses” throughout the world.  If you want to keep up with what we’re doing in Ethiopia and around the world, pop over to:


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amazing travels

I’m presently sitting between 2 of my kids, Isbell & David, thanking God for the most fantastic family – seriously!  God is indescribably amazing.  In the past 1.5 weeks, i’ve been to Ethiopia, Turkey (quickie), Jordan & Israel.  The best part of all of my travelling has been the fellowship i’ve had w God – such richness, depth & tantalizing closeness.  Sometimes, it really helps my walk w God to get out of the daily routine, out of my comfort zone, & increase my dependence on God. 

Ethiopia:  fantastic time with God, the orphanage we connect with & my friends.  The orphanage that we work with, over the last year, has really undertaken working w abandoned babies.  This was really touching, particularly as this is so close to my heart w the “saving Moses” campaign we’re launching w worldchild.  I also had the privilege of ministering in Pastor Eyob’s church in Addis & i can just summarize this by saying that my church family is now extended to include this church.  My time in Ethiopia has been rich in fellowship with not only family & friends but most importantly a rich depth with the Holy Spirit.  i can’t even begin to describe how completely riveting / captiving the Holy Spirit is to me, particularly during my time in Ethiopia.

Israel:  i joined the group trip w mom & had a great time getting to know some new people, reconnect w some old friends, share about God & see some cool places / ruins.  We visited Petra (in Jordan), Masada (in Israel), drove by the dead sea & then onto Jerusalem.  The group trip is going well & the travellers seem to be experiencing God in many different rich ways by being in many places discussed in the Bible.

Travelling:  i’ve been in lots of airports & on lots of airplanes – all total, in 10 days, i’ve been on no less than 10 planes & spent well over 100 hours on planes & in airports, to include 1 lost & now found blackberry. 🙂

if you’d like to check out some pics, pop over to my facebook & you can see some cool friends, places & experiences 🙂

Again, the best part of the last 1.5 wks has been the rich & deep fellowship w the Holy Spirit – the treasure of my life! 🙂

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hello from Ethiopia!

Greetings from Addis Ababa! I’ve had a spectacular time of ministry here for the last 4 days – simply wonderful!! To begin, we’ve been able to launch our “saving Moses” campaign for worldchild – I was able to visit the orphanage we sponsor in Gondar Ethiopia, where I met the baby girls who had been rescued from being abandoned in a field last year. They’re doing AWESOME & I plan to post some pics shortly. The orphanage in Gondar in the last week received 5 babies who have been abandoned.  I’m struggling to wrap my head around this problem of abandoned babies – I think it happens in the world much more than we are aware.  It shakes my heart to see these babies who are abandoned.  I’m rather speechless on this.

From Gondar, I flew to Addis where i’ve had the privilege to minister in a church on leadership & also for the Sunday service.  The ministry time here is really powerful – they are so eager to receive, very gentle & humble and open to God speaking into their lives.  Its a very humbling experience to minister here, a very RICH spiritual experience.  In one of our services, you could sense God’s presence with tremendous weight – such that even now, words elude me from describing how powerful this experience was. 

Additionally, I’ve been able to connect w some great friends from last year & I’m so very grateful to God for bringing me here.  This has been a really powerful time for me w God on a very personal level & i’m extremely grateful to Him for allowing me to come back to Ethiopia.  Of course the food & coffee are great & I always LOVE to pick up some of the language – most of all, i love the people. 

In a few hours, i’ll fly to Israel to join the group trip w mom & I know this will also be wonderful.  Thanks for being patient with the blogging thing – the internet in Ethiopia can be kind of like a safari experience.  that’s all i’m gonna say about that.

So let me leave you with some spiritual thoughts:  don’t reject God’s provisions just because they don’t meet your expectations.  perhaps God is testing you so you can see some of your weak spots.  🙂

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