in the middle

Do you have some situations in your life that seem to be unfinished?  Take a minute to consider that the day between Good Friday & Easter (today) seems to often get overlooked in light of the events on the adjacent days.  But this middle day is necessary & very frequently where many of us live at various times & in various situations.  If we think about it, beginnings and endings seem to get lots of attention, but the middle is the bridge & continuity between the beginning & the end.  Here are a few things to help you manage the middle:

  • Rest:  sometimes the middle is about taking a pause –  when Jesus was in the tomb on Sat, His disciples had the Sabbath, which was a day of rest & pause;
  •  Trust:  it’s important to agree that God gives us what we need when we need it, including the middle season;  when Jesus rose from the dead, there was a TREMENDOUS amount of activity so the Saturday pause was essential
  • Be present on this day:  I have no doubt in my mind that Jesus’ disciples were 100% traumatized by what happened on Good Friday & were most likely totally consumed with what had just happened (yesterday) or what was going to happen (tomorrow)
  • Faith:  Jesus told His disciples many times that He would raise from the dead after 3 days;  God’s promises are solid and reliable
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a family saturday

fun times!  This is what we’ve done all before 11am:

  • made french toast & bacon (my personal favorite at home breakfast!)
  • cleaned the kitchen, did the dishes, unloaded the dishwasher
  • moved furniture – dresser from David’s room to the basement & the guestroom dresser up to David’s room
  • haircuts for all 3 Bowling men (complete with clean up) – kept Benji’s rat tail
  • mixed up bulk pancake mix
  • kids watched 2 episodes of the Muppets (George Burns & Bernadette Peters?)
  • Reece ran 8miles

After a productive morning, we drove up to the mtns for a picnic & to see the aspens changing colors – completely spectacular.  Observe pics below:


I now go to jog 🙂

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