Consumer Grade Christianity

We do alot of our shopping at Walmart because it’s cheap, close and convenient.  The quality, however, can sometimes be a little questionable.  For example, when I buy socks for my boys, I’ve learned that if I buy them from Walmart, I’ll usually have to buy 2-3 times the number of socks (holes, rips, etc) as if I buy a higher quality & little costlier brand from a different store.  Consumer grade socks for my boys from Walmart usually have a pretty short lifespan in the world of boy socks 🙂

Unfortuanately, I think we sometimes treat Christianity with the same level of function.  We want cheap, close and convenient:  Jesus in the manger, candle light service in less than an hour, the cross, tomb, July 4th and the next thing.  With this kind of thinking, it’s not a surprise that someone could easily be disillusioned, misled and / disappointed with the consumer grade version of Christianity, if such a thing really exists.

So here are some thoughts to consider:

  • does your faith facilitate more function from or attachment with Jesus?
  • is your faith in Jesus based on consumption, sacrifice and / or transformation?
  • is Jesus an accessory or a necessity in your life?
  • maybe consumer grade Christianity is only a Satan contrived deception to the authentic, daily and life-changing relationship with Jesus that will most certainly include sacrifice, fertilizer and resurrection 🙂
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Honor to our Veterans

In the US, today is Veterans Day and this is a day when we remind ourselves of men and women who have served in the military and made small to ultimate sacrifices.  This is a day when we remember people for being their best:  selfless, noble, sacrificial, honorable, generous, humble and more.  We honor the men and women who fought in trenches and deserts, lost limbs and lives, bandaged wounds and bruises, gave their energies, talents, time and even lives as a sacrifice.

Such heroic choices and actions cause me to see Jesus as my ultimate Veteran and Victor – giving His life as my sacrifice but being raised from the dead so we can be victorious in life because of Jesus’ death and resurrection.  Let’s honor our nation’s veterans and remember to honor the Savior of our soul – hail to the Ultimate Veteran and Victor!

Happy Veteran’s Day!

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Our culture tells us that “more” isn’t enough.  We need more money, more time, more status, more popularity, more followers, more friends, more activities, more education, more clothes, more muscles, more fitness, more image, more contacts, more influence, . . . . . . . I’ve been thinking about “more” in light of what the Bible says about the demands of our culture for more & increased provisions.

In the Bible, God is revealed as God our Provider / Provision in Genesis 22, when Abraham discovers the “ram in the thicket” as he’s about to sacrifice his son Isaac.  Our culture thoroughly affirms the truth that God is our Provider and we revel in experiencing God’s provisions (in an already abundant country).  But Abraham’s journey to experience God as his Provider was on the path of sacrifice.  The whole journey that ended up with Abraham experiencing God’s provisions was the preparation and journey of obedience & sacrifice.  Maybe what we really need is more sacrifice 🙂


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“Good” Friday

Generally, I like Fridays and they usually tend to all be “good.”  But today we celebrate “Good Friday”, the day when we remember that when God became flesh as Jesus, dwelt among us and was crucified.  People treated Jesus with the normal human fickle behavior, heralding Him as King one day and then crucifying Him a few days later – the most brutal form of corporal punishment that humans could achieve at that time.  And Jesus came to earth, connected with humanity is very vibrant and real ways, knowing full well how we would brutally murder Him, the only innocent man to live among us.  And all of His decisions came from such genuine and authentic love that we continue to have difficulty grasping and appreciating this genuine love to us.  So today we celebrate “Good Friday”, the day on which we can observe genuine love expressed in the most pure demonstration.  Happy Good Friday, my friend 🙂

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The demonstration of genuine love

Love is an interesting word in our modern world. This word can conjure up everything from chocolate to movies, from sex to coffee & a wide range of many other things.
I think that genuine has more depth than the best chocolate. I think that genuine love is better than your favorite movie or video game. I think that genuine love exceeds your best efforts & intentions. I think that genuine love is defined & displayed best by Jesus & His words & actions toward us. Genuine love, as expressed by Jesus, is grounded on who Jesus is & not based on our behavior. Genuine love, as Jesus expresses it to us, is nothing short of irresistable.
I pray that you would experience & know Jesus deep, transforming & powerful love for you. His love is without limit. His love is without qualification. His love is sacrificial & His love is ever present.
Jesus displays His love or us that while we were yet sinners He died for us & lives today to express His love to you. Ask Him to help you see, know & experience Jesus’ love. It’s the only genuine love that exists.

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