Defining Moments

Being the mom of three teenagers, we have some interesting conversations & experiences. In their lives, there a significant events that seem to be defining moments, like getting a driver’s license, taking their first solo missions trip (without me), getting their first job, etc. While these events are very monumental, it seems to me that the more important stuff happens in the preparation for these events. For example, my husband has been massively attentive to help them practice driving so they’re fully prepared when they take their drivers license test. And the work they do at home to clean, do laundry, etc prepares them to do good work on their first independent job, hopefully.
I say all of this to encourage both you & me that the defining moments are hopefully nothing more than the cumulative total of preparation & practice to ensure that these moments / experiences go off with great success. Don’t neglect the importance of daily routines & practice as these set us up to succeed for what can seem to be pinnacle experiences & events ūüôā

predicting success

So I know alot of people do this already & it’s not unusual for me to be slow to figure things out, but I’ve been reading 1 chapter of Proverbs each day for the last few months & it’s been a very interesting experience. ¬†The main take away, so far, is that I really appreciate the practical wisdom it presents in such short & pithy ¬†insights – not too wordy ūüôā
Here are a few more lessons I want to digest & integrate into my daily life:

  • routine: ¬†what we do consistently on a daily basis can show not only our priorities, but also what we will be good at in 5, 10, 20 years, etc. ¬†Habits predict the future
  • persistence: ¬†quitting & failing are often as complementary as peanut butter & jelly or salt & pepper
  • wisdom: ¬†there’s a difference between information & wisdom; ¬†the pursuit of wisdom yields higher returns than the pursuit of information
What are some insights you’ve discovered from Proverbs?

an acquired taste ,)

When I was growing up, my mom had a trick to help me get used to the foods that I didn’t like – eat a small amount every time its served.¬† With this strategy, I learned to like pretty much everything, except canned peas (still can’t do them).¬†

In some respects, I think the same strategy works with Jesus.¬† While we know that He is “good” for us, sometimes He’s not always what we “want.”¬† Sometimes we want frothy, superficial, unhealthy, quick fix answers to the deep issues of our heart.¬† But I’ve found that when I bring¬†even a little bit of¬†Jesus to the issues in my life, at first I may not “like” His meddling, but the more space I give Him to manuever in my life, the more I like the results.¬† In fact, I find that I’m getting to the point where I much prefer His answers & solutions to my own attempts to “fix” stuff.¬† So here’s my suggestion, whatever place you’re at in life w Jesus, pls consider adding a little more of Him into your life (maybe you could include Him in your marriage a little more, maybe you could ask Him to raise your awareness of Him at your job or school, perhaps you might consider reading a Psalm or Proverb every day, . . . .).¬† One of my fb friends gave me the EXTREMELY cool idea about praying for her when I re-heat my coffee (an almost daily routine).¬† The idea of adding more of Jesus into your life can apply to any & everyone so please don’t “exempt” yourself because of your background, or experiences. ūüôā¬†

What are some other ways you might consider adding a little more of Jesus to your life?