Rome or Roam???

Well our time in Rome has been totally wonderful!!! It’s been amazing getting to experience the many sights, sounds, smells, etc of history here, along with all of the breathtaking artistic beauty and with some of the most delectable food on the planet, say nothing of the intervenous cappuccinos that are nothing less than utter bliss 🙂
Probably some of the best part of Rome are the wonderful relationships & ministry opportunities that we get to share in! Our ministry time has been wonderful & the team traveling w us has been totally enjoyable. With all of that being said, I’m looking forward to coming home & getting to be with my family! Rome is fantastic, but home is better ,)



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Hello from Rome!

I’m presently on our Fall group trip & we are doing some touring & ministry in Rome. Can I just say that Rome is one of my all time favorite cities?!?!! Wherever you look there’s just amazing beauty, history & magnificence! Yesterday, we visited the Vatican & I posted lots of pix on fb & Instagram, so you can see some of the amazing sites that filled this amazing day. Today, we are going to visit the Colesium along with several piazzas, fountains & of course cappuccinos ,)
One of the things that takes my breath away about this city is the prolific history. Everywhere I look I see history & since I’m a history fan, it’s almost impossible for me to not love this city 🙂
We just drove by a temple that was built in the 7th century bc. I’m just sayin!! Ooooh la la!!!!

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