right choices

some encouragement for you :)

Have you ever struggled with your motives?  Have you ever had that internal conflict of knowing the good thing you should do, versus NOT doing what you know you should?  Here are some thoughts about some motives that could be helpful to you:

Positive Reinforcement:  I think that we all like positive reinforcement – when my kids go beyond the normal expectations, I like to do something extra special for them (when they UBER clean their room without my input, I like to give them a meaningful reward like a book they’ve been wanting, maybe a frozen yogurt or some other reward).  We all like the positive consequences of right choices.  But if we’re very honest, we don’t always get the positive affirmation we want from making right choices.

Doing the right thing:  There are times when I pick up the trash on the church parking lot because its the right thing to do, or I go the extra mile with some extra grace with a person who may have not earned that extra grace just because I know in my heart that it’s the right behavior.  I may have no positive reinforcement, but I know what is the right thing in my gut & so I do this.  Usually when I do the right thing, there’s an internal source of satisfaction or contentment.

Divine Pleasure:  At the end of the day, I want my highest form of motivation is to do that which is most pleasing to Jesus.  I love what Paul says in 2 Cor 5:9, I make it my goal to please Christ.  I won’t always have the positive reinforcement that I may want & there are times that even though I know the right thing to do in my heart, I still find it difficult to make a good choice.  However, I’ve found it SUPER helpful that if I can talk to myself & say, “Sarah, this decision would bring pleasure to Jesus” then for me, that can often be just the tipping point I need to make the right decision.  Along this line, I know that @savingmoses brings Jesus tremendous pleasure.

Be encouraged my friend by making it your goal, along with Paul, to bring pleasure to Jesus – as He is already deeply in love with & highly committed to you, as the apple of His eye 🙂

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