Celebrate the Victories!

Did you make some resolutions for 2017? How’re doing on keeping them? It takes some definite commitment to hold onto these resolutions & seem them become reality. Indeed, sometimes we can fall short on our resolutions. But here’s something that can be helpful: celebrate the incremental victories to keep up some momentum & continue making progress!

Consider what David said to Saul in relation to killing Goliath: I killed a bear & I killed a lion, so this giant will be like those vanquished foes! David strung together seemingly smaller victories to encourage himself about conquering Goliath!
Let’s remember to applaud the steps & not just the destination, lest we get discouraged on the journey & quit.

Feel free to pass this along to anyone you know who’s made some resolutions for this year to encourage & applaud each victory, no matter how small it may seem!

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Proper Care & Feeding

We are on the cusp of entering a new year & there’s a chance you might be thinking of a few resolutions or changes you’d like to make for 2016. 
Let me propose an essential: the proper care & feeding of your heart on a daily basis. I believe with all of my heart that if we will make daily prayer & Bible reading, with attention to grace-empowered obedience, we will be better people & overcome hardships & struggles that would be impossible in our own strength. Furthermore, staying consistent in church also gives God a platform to speak to us in ways we might conveniently ignore & serving others is a core imperative to following Jesus. 

Let’s keep up, everyday, the proper care & feeding of our heart! 🙂

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