Doing Good

This morning I read about how the Jewish leaders were mad at Jesus for healing on the Sabbath. Whenever I read these kinds of exchanges between Jesus & these religious leaders it always twists my stomach & I’m repulsed by their petty & nauseating posturing. 
Doing good shouldn’t be relegated for certain days or religious traditions. Doing good should be infused into our redeemed DNA. I want my first reaction when I see someone broken & needy not to be grounded in religious piety but rather rooted in genuine love: instinctually consoling & improving – with divine Help & my own resources & abilities. 

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Zacheus was a wee little man

This morning I read about Zacheus, the wee little man who climbed up in a syacmore tree, so that he could get a better glimpse of Jesus.  In this very brief story, we see that Zacheus was a tax collector & not popular with the general public (maybe like our IRS – smile).  Nevertheless, his interest in Jesus compelled him to do something that was out of the ordinary – maybe he was used to doing these kinds of things since he was a wee little man ,)

Whatever was his normal behavior, he caught Jesus’ attention and Jesus was happy to visit Zacheus’ house – the beginning of Zacheus’ transformation.  When we genuinely look for & accept Jesus for Who He really is, then our lives change.  Our relationship with Jesus is about living a transformational life more than being a religious follower of Jesus 🙂

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