prayer & results

 I’ve been thinking about prayer lately & the wide spectrum of what prayer means to us.  In my mind, prayer has LOTS of applications.  Prayer is about:

  • being persistent
  • exploring God’s promises
  • confessing struggles, failures & shortcomings
  • walking in and through Genuine Love
  • expressing frustrations, uncertainties, misunderstandings
  • being vulnerable & honest
  • listening
  • asking God to help others (intercession)
  • being present with God (some call this “keeping company”)
  • learning Who God is and about God’s will, preferences & priorities
  • giving voice to our gratitude for what God does & Who God is
  • presenting requests to God
  • candid conversation
  • a quick HELP!!!!

Let’s be careful to allow prayer to have a WIDE array of expression & relevance throughout our lives 🙂

some constructive daydreaming

The other day I was rumaging around in my imagination & playing some “what if” scenarios, when God threw out an interesting idea:  Sarah, what would your life look like if you were closer to Jesus?  Along this line, I’ve met alot of people who I consider to be really close to Jesus & I watch them carefully (or read about them as much as I can) to pick up some ideas, suggestions & behaviors.  So I took this question very personally from God to me.  I want to ask you to let yourself consider the same question:

What would your life look like if you were closer to Jesus?

Here are some of my answers: I share these with you, intending to provoke some of your thoughts & possibilities.  Please feel free to leave your ideas in the comments 🙂

If I were closer to Jesus, I would be less:  selfish, judgmental, worried, insecure, fearful, impatient,

If I were closer to Jesus, I would be more: forgiving, confident, loving, insightful, discerning, generous, selfless, concerned, peaceful, justice-minded, supernatural


So what do you think????  If you were closer to Jesus, what would your life look like?

ps – here’s a link to a cool video ,)