Hot Topic: Magic Johnson

I really like basketball & the recent racial disgrace with the NBA Clippers & Mr Sterling has been disturbing. Adding more fuel, there’s been some public comments about Magic Johnson & then Magic replying about these comments. The nature of the banter gives us a place to look into ourselves & consider our own actions & words.
Some things to consider:
*If someone verbally attacks you, do you attack back? Magic Johnson replied that he would pray for Mr Sterling after Mr Sterling made some questionable comments.
*If we expect perfection from public figures, we are indeed naive & perhaps our focus is misplaced
*Whats the high ground? It seems to me that all high ground almost universally includes forgiveness.
*If you’re looking for someone after whom to model your behavior & to idolize, pick Jesus ūüôā

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hot topic: racism & Donald Sterling

In the last several days, there’s been a massive uproar about the recent racial slurs from the owner of the NBA Clippers, ¬†Donald Sterling¬†. ¬†There is national outrage at Mr Sterling’s comments & he has been banned for life from the NBA. ¬†What Mr Sterling said was totally unacceptable, despite his comments being made in a private setting.

The idea of a¬†private setting¬†is very¬†relevant for those of us who follow Jesus, based on what Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5. ¬†Our external actions and words reflect what’s happening in our thoughts & heart. ¬†What we allow our mind to think about & our emotions to dwell on is very important – these are the parts that Jesus totally attacked the religious leaders of His day. ¬†What Mr Sterling said was totally wrong, but let’s be careful about the thoughts & emotions that we allow in our daily living. ¬†Let’s keep our hearts full of Jesus’ love so there’s no place for unforgiveness, bigotry, apathy nor passive hatred. ¬†As a follower of Jesus, our defining characteristic from John 13:35¬† is our love for one another, so please don’t forget to pray for Mr Sterling ¬† ūüôā

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