Asking Questions

Questions express curiosity & questions are the starting point for learning. Indeed, were taught in basic English classes about the five main questions we should answer: who, what, where, when & why. As we age, however, I think that sometimes our curious edge wanes & gets stifled. Maybe we erroneously think we know more than we do so we stop asking questions. Maybe we received too many bad answers so we learned the dangerous lesson to stop asking questions. Maybe we haven’t received answers to some questions we deem important. Maybe we’ve been taught that questions are disrespectful or intrusive

Let’s be careful when we stop asking questions. Indeed, I think that part of why we exist is to learn about the intimate relationship that’s available to us with our Heavenly Father through Jesus. Let’s also remember that learning isn’t merely a cerebral activity, but when it comes to a deep abiding relationship with God, learning exceeds our mental limits & frailties. Let’s be lifelong learners as we grow daily in our intimacy with the Trinity!

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an important question

 A few nights ago, I had a dream & woke up at 2:30am with 1 Cor 6:12 on my mind.  Not knowing that the verse said, I got up & checked it out.  It talks about things that are permitted but not profitable & about not being mastered by anything, save Christ.  From this experience, I’ve been thinking about many of the activities in my life & I’ve been kind of taking an inventory of things I permit versus things that are profitable.  We can allow lots of things, events, activities, etc in our lives & they may not be harmful.  But the real question to ask is if such things are profitable & profitable not only to ourselves, but more importantly, profitable to the kingdom of God.  Let’s be mindful, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to keep our lives as profitable as possible for God’s kingdom.

The operative question:  is this profitable?  🙂

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