Puke Bags

On my flight from Taiwan yesterday, my seat mate who didn’t speak any English, started puking after we landed in Los Angeles. She filled up her first bag, pronto & I quietly slipped her my bag, trying not to squirm out of my skin. Truth be known, I was super sympathetic because of an AWFUL experience I had earlier this year on a flight out of Africa. 
It seems to me that it’s much easier to be sympathetic when we’ve walked a similar road. I could’ve easily chosen to be repelled & revolted by this lady’s condition or I could choose to do my best to help her. 

What I thoroughly love about Jesus is that He chose to come into the human experience & walk among us, passing out puke bags & more importantly healing our broken condition. Let’s actively choose to be compassionate & helpful rather than revolted & repelled with the people around us 🙂

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Puking in the car

Well, of course life has many exciting twists & turns with unexpected surprises, some good & others not as much. The wonderful part of the not so good surprises is that it’s a chance to look for the silver lining.
For example, on the way to the mountains for a family ski day, one of the kids puked in the car & one of the headlights on my car is burned out. So as we were looking for a gas station to clean up the puke, low & behold, across the street from the gas station is a battery & light bulb shop – thereby killing two birds with one stone, puke cleaning & bulb replacing.
Maybe when Jesus was born & there wasn’t any room in the Inn, maybe the silver lining was that a baby in a manger was much easier to find for the shepherds than a normal situation. Silver lining my friends 🙂
And like I said yesterday, Jesus take the wheel

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black bean puke on white carpet

Well, this has certainly been an interesting morning with a 4am wake up call from one of my kids puking up black beans 🙁

My rock star husband leapt into action while I hazily tried to figure out what was happening.  When I finally got my brain to work, he was already cleaning & had a battle plan.  After I checked to make sure my son was ok, I tried to copy what my husband was doing, figuring that he was more alert & being more effective than my foggy brain was processing.  Nevertheless, we seemed to get everything settled.  So here’s my conclusion – my husband is a thoroughly fantastic man & an amazing father.  I’m thankful to be married to him & grateful that we can be strong for each other in our  respective weak spots.  It’s a great thing when we get to genuinely brag on our mates 🙂

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