Not My Strength

Stuff I’m good at, I prefer to do.  Stuff I’m bad at, not so much.  But life requires us to do stuff that’s both difficult & easy.  When you find stuff that you’re good at, generally you like to keep doing it & it can be very fulfilling.  In contrast, doing stuff you’re not good at can be draining & frustrating.

I say this having just filled out some rather meticulous paperwork that I hope I did right.  Suffice it to say that paperwork isn’t so much in my wheelhouse.  So the less I do, the better it is for everyone 🙂

But here’s the real deal:  my weaknesses provide platform for the Holy Spirit to help & be strong through me.  The tricky part for me is to acknowledge that I need Help – not just professional help, but even better, Divine Help!  Be sure to grab a copy of my latest book to see how you can walk with Divine Help!

In Step with the Spirit

I need professional help :)

I have an entirely awesome friend who helps me with makeup & she is totally wonderful! One reason she is so wonderful is because I’m altogether awful with the entire concept. As a kid, when my friends were getting into all of the hair, makeup & nail stuff, I was riding my bike, playing basketball, exploring the creek behind our house & jumping on our trampoline. Even to this day, makeup doesn’t have much interest to me – one of my shortfalls, except for my friend who routinely saves the day for me!! I love my makeup friend for lots of reasons & I wholly respect her talents & skills in the very foreign world of makeup. She knows the vocabulary, is proficient with the tools, has an easy confidence with all of those little round things & never makes me feel stupid 🙂
In some ways, she’s kind of like the Holy Spirit, the ultimate Professional Help:
*the Helper knows the tools & resources in our lives better than we do
*the Helper works to make us look & be our best
*the Helper never belittles us
*the Helper knows how we are made, understands our individuality & revels even in some of our eccentricities & quirks.

I really like Professional Help ,)