Hair Salon Wisdom

Whenever I get my hair cut & colored, I usually walk away with more wisdom. Here are some observations from my recent experience:

  • Augmenting / Reduction:  This was an interesting discussion about the perceived need to increase or decrease body parts to improve one’s beauty. Let’s remember that we’re fearfully & wonderfully made in our Creators image 🙂
  • Politics:  On this topic, the best wisdom I’ve learned from my salons visits, is to listen more than I talk. Nuff said
  • Waxing:  This is the removal of unwanted hair & it has to be done regularly or those unseemly hairs become problematic. This becomes a need for maintenance & which reminds me about keeping my spiritual life tuned up. Sin gets increasingly visible when I neglect my spiritual growth
  • Vampire Facials:  I guess this is a new thing, but I’m not interested. The name itself repels me & maybe there’s something to be said for soap, water & a good scrub with a washcloth. This makes me grateful that while God does new stuff, I’m abundantly thankful that there’s no need to invent a new way to get close to Jesus. Indeed, the Father welcomes us with open arms, an eager heart & compassionate hands with tender words! No vampire facial needed 🙂


Here’s the honest truth, I’m awful at decorating, even though I’m not short on ideas. Rather than get discouraged with this shortcoming, I’ve decided to celebrate what I’m good at & that would be a little bit more on the substance rather than surface viewpoint. I’ve always seemed to be drawn to that which has more content rather than what looks good on the surface but empty on the inside.
In the Christmas season, let’s be mindful that Jesus isn’t a decorative accessory that we bring out for a season but neglect throughout our daily living on any given day in the year. Jesus isn’t only for decoration:)