Solutions, Provisions & Answers

Sometimes life can be very challenging. We can go through seasons when we don’t have enough money, time, energy, etc. We can also get birraged with problems & pummeled with questions. It seems to me that everyone goes through difficult times when it feels like we’re drowning & when we desperately need a life jacket, not just a life hack.

If you, or someone you know, is in this kind of a season, I pray that this blog would be helpful. In this kind of season, it’s been soothing to realize & embrace that God has more:

  • Answers than I have questions,
  • Solutions than I have problems,
  • Provisions than I have needs.

Let’s keep our eyes on & trust in God today, even hour by hour. God is helping us & these experiences can train us to know God better & trust God more!

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Guided Steps

Do you have some decisions to make or concerns about the future that are a struggle? If you or someone you know has this challenge, then these next few words, with Jesus’ help, will be valuable

This morning, I read about how Abraham’s servant set off on a journey to find a wife for Isaac, Abraham’s son. This servant was tasked by Abraham with clear & precise instructions to find a wife for Isaac & the servant was rightfully jittery with such heavy duty responsibility. Nevertheless, the servant moved forward & found exactly God’s provision for Isaac’s wife.

Here are a few helpful points:
*take one step at a time – sometimes the big picture can get overwhelming, so decide to take one nibble at a time
*test the waters – Abraham’s servant asked Rebekah for a drink of water to open the possibility of discussing her future; he didn’t jump in the deep end with his initial words
*trust God – Abraham’s servant relied on Gods loving kindness to Abraham to find Isaac’s wife; God has a good track record & God is faithful!
*follow through – keep taking one step at a time until the final completion; don’t quit before the end 🙂

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