It’s my sincere belief that most of us under perform the potential God has put in us. I think we can often settle for mediocre & half hearted for various reasons (lack of effort or commitment, insecurity, unfocused / distractions, unteachable, etc). Here are some helpful thoughts about God’s potential becoming a reality in our lives:
*be teachable – learn from situations & wise people; arrogance will sabotage your potential
*improve – make the commitment to consistently improve, even if it’s only a little bit at a time
*faith in God – believing in ourselves is inherently limiting as opposed to believing in God; make the decision to always say “yes” to God without fail
*encourage others to pursue God’s potential in their lives 🙂

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Hello Again!

YAHOOO! We get to launch a new year today & that makes me very excited!! It’s a new year to try new ideas, meet new people, solidify the lessons of the past & possibly explore some new countries. In Isaiah 43:19 it talks about God doing a new thing. May this year for you & me be full of God’s new & wonderful things – happy New Year!

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I frequently have the challenge of jumping into things without being fully aware of some of the costs, needs, etc. Sometimes this messes me up but more often than not, this strategy forces me to look to & trust in God more than myself because I often get in over my head. If the result of this method is that I increase my trust & dependence on God, then I’m not convinced that this is a bad method. Now don’t misunderstand me to say that we don’t need wisdom – I’m NOT saying that. But I am saying what Prov 3:5-6 says, that we should trust in God more than our own understanding 🙂

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