Our Father

What’s the big deal about the Lord’s Prayer?

If you have some church background, chances are that you’ve at least heard the Lord’s Prayer, if you haven’t memorized it at some point.  Its a classic Christian basic.  Unfortunately, its easy to turn it into mere movements of the mouth & whip out the droned rote words without much heart connection.  I think this is a travesty & the reason I think this is because of my experiences with the Lord’s Prayer over the last few months.

Consequently, over the next couple of Wed nights, Pastor Frieda & I will be sharing about the Lord’s Prayer, its meaning & relevance in our 21st century living.  Tonight I talked about what it means to see & acknowledge God as our Father.  If you want to download the message, click the link:  Our Father

Otherwise, what are some things that help you relate to God as your Father?  Check back tomorrow for more insights on God as our Heavenly Father! 🙂

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