When Healing Hurts

This is a blog to honor my friend Kim, with whom I had an awesome chat last night. Kim is an entirely amazing person, nurse, mom, wife, COO & all around very groovy chick. We were chatting about a few ailments & she said something really insightful, “Sometimes healing hurts.”  To which I immediately replied, “blech”. But she’s right. 

Healing can hurt sometimes:  
*healing in our bodies causes us to use muscles & functions that have been broken
*healing in our emotions can require us to correct & untwist dysfunctional mindsets & behaviors
*healing in our hearts causes us to walk in uncomfortable dependence on the Lover of our hearts
Let the healing process move forward with wholehearted engagement ūüôā

help with rejection

“Eveybody likes you, Sarah!” ¬†That’s what my dad would always say when I’d come home from school, complaining that no one liked me. ¬†Now that I think about it, the truth is somewhere between the 2 extremes: ¬†everyone & no one. ¬†Rejection is tricky, but all of us have to manage it at various times & in varying degrees. ¬†Here are some thoughts that I hope you’ll find helpful:


  • rejection is universal: ¬†everyone gets rejected at some point (some of those points are linear, connecting the dots & some are hops & skips)
  • being rejected isn’t as important as what you do with it
  • is there a reason for you being rejected? ¬†Do you need to make some adjustments?
  • forgiveness redeems rejection & transforms it to something of great value (consider Joseph & his brothers who sold him into slavery in Genesis)
  • God never rejects you – you are accepted among the beloved – Eph 1:6
  • In Jesus’ life, His crucifixion (the ultimate rejection) came immediately on the heels of Palm Sunday