What’s Normal?

Whenever I travel, I get a glimpse at different “normals”. My normal living over the course of a week includes, usually some eggs for breakfast, driving the kids to various events, reading, writing, studying, some travel, coffee of course & ministry events. All of this happens on a backdrop that I take for granted: a functional car, clean bed, warm house, safe water, a friendly neighborhood, good schools for my kids & a loving husband. 
I’m returning from a country, having visited some red light districts where the “normal” living for the babies & toddlers is something altogether different. Truthfully, I’m really struggling to process this disparity during my journey home. These kinds of experiences often change me at very deep levels, reshuffling not only my perspective but likely some of my priorities as well. 

Sometimes we need to have our “normal” upended to keep our hearts aligned with God’s priorities. 

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What’s Normal??


I’m currently in Cambodia with our Saving Moses team, having a blast for sure! Normal here is altogether abnormal for the average American living. For example, hot soup is a common food while sitting outside in 98degree weather & 95% humidity. And in relation to traffic, well all bets are off with that adventure. I stopped thinking about the accident probabilities many years ago – go with the flow ,)
Seems to me that sometimes we take our human living & try to make our spiritual lives for around our human conveniences. Maybe Jesus intended for the “normal” experience for His followers to turn “normal” upside down & bring more supernatural into our natural & normal living – just something to think about for your Monday prayers 🙂

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expected versus exceptional

When I was speaking in Germany a few years ago, I was at an event where everyone knew what was to be expected.  People were to behave w polite decorum, everyone looked freshly laundered & ironed & everything seemed sanitized & sterilized.  There was some nice background music, the exchanges among people were un-noteworthy, the presentations were given in the expected manner & after the event, everyone left w possibly no memory of what had happened.  For me, the event got lost in the white noise of life.  I was one of the presenters at this event & when i drove home, i felt hollow & somewhat disappointed.

When i talked w God about this, He challenged me with the contrast between expected & exceptional.  Exceptional living doesn’t always go w the flow.  Exceptional living is when we have a normal conversation & something comes up that says, “except . . . ”  Exceptional is the stand out – distinct from the crowd, different from the norm, noteworthy & uncommon.  The path of least resistence is the expected.  But for me, when i walk this path, i feel disingenuous, unauthentic & in disonance.  Now clearly, there’s a time to live as expected, but a question worth considering is:  do we live the “expected life” too often???

Pls be sure to pray for the people of Iran today.

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