I need professional help :)

I have an entirely awesome friend who helps me with makeup & she is totally wonderful! One reason she is so wonderful is because I’m altogether awful with the entire concept. As a kid, when my friends were getting into all of the hair, makeup & nail stuff, I was riding my bike, playing basketball, exploring the creek behind our house & jumping on our trampoline. Even to this day, makeup doesn’t have much interest to me – one of my shortfalls, except for my friend who routinely saves the day for me!! I love my makeup friend for lots of reasons & I wholly respect her talents & skills in the very foreign world of makeup. She knows the vocabulary, is proficient with the tools, has an easy confidence with all of those little round things & never makes me feel stupid 🙂
In some ways, she’s kind of like the Holy Spirit, the ultimate Professional Help:
*the Helper knows the tools & resources in our lives better than we do
*the Helper works to make us look & be our best
*the Helper never belittles us
*the Helper knows how we are made, understands our individuality & revels even in some of our eccentricities & quirks.

I really like Professional Help ,)

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Makeup lessons

Anyone who even remotely knows me will TOTALLY laugh at this post – me giving makeup advice is the the captain of the Titanic trying to coach Noah, nothing short of disaster ,)
Nevertheless, here are a few pts I’ve learned:
*use a clean brush otherwise, nothing goes on your face
*use quality makeup if you need it to last awhile
*good light is essential – if you can see what you’re putting on, you could have disastrous results (this happened to me once)

I’m sure there’s lots more, but these short pts can also apply to our walk w God
*Application without purity is fruitless
*the greater the quality of the Bible in our lives the longer it’s effects last
*light is always an essential to see what’s going on 🙂

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