In Between the Holidays

Have you ever been in the middle of something & felt like you’re kind of in limbo?  Sometimes, I feel like this between Christmas and New Years.  There’s a nice exhale after all the frenzied Christmas flurry but I can also feel the New Year coming into focus, even though I’m not quite ready for that yet.

Limbo land is kind of a weird place.  It’s the middle area between starting & finishing, so it can be a short little jaunt, like a quick trip to the grocery store, or the entirety of life between birth & death.  When I think about this middle space, I’m reminded of lots of Bible folk who found themselves in this experience:

  • David in his flight from Saul lived for many years in this middle space, where God cultivated strength, committment & maturity in him.
  • Moses lived in limbo land between his flight from Pharoah and the burning bush, where it looks like some of his youthful hubris was deflated over the course of 40 years, making him ready for the burning bush experience that launched his destiny to liberate the Israelites from slavery and so much more!
  • Peter had some limbo time between when he betrayed Jesus and was reconciled to Him after Jesus’ resurrection;  perhaps those days helped Peter see his utter dependence on Jesus in sharp contrast to his frail flesh, being reconciled through the loving interaction with Jesus in the Q&A session about Peter’s love for Jesus

Let’s be sure to keep a laser focus on Jesus in between the holidays 🙂

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I don’t know how

There are lots of things I don’t know how to do.  I can’t crochet, knit, sew, decorate, paint, computer program, repair cars or concrete, grow plants, . . . . . There are so many things that I can’t or don’t know how to do, that I could get overwhelmed with my inabilities & deficiencies.  But the bright spot is that I have a unique and perpetual direct line to God Who knows how to do everything & even more.

When you feel frustrated & overwhelemed with inadquecies, look out, look up and look around because God is readily available to help, just for the asking 🙂

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a constructive habit

We had a friend come over for dinner a few nights ago & we had a totally great time catching up.  My youngest son had a discussion w my friend about the difficulty of breaking a bad habit (an interesting dialogue from the viewpoint of a 6 year old).  They both readily agreed that bad habits are a pain in the neck to try & break – so best to avoid making bad habits altogether.

Here’s a good habit to cultive:  watching for Jesus.  I find that when I get myself into the groove of looking for Jesus, He pops up in some very unexpected places:

  • the Chicago airport last week – I watched the faces of the river of diverse people walking through the hallway & saw beyond the diversity to the individual beauty that each person has & I found myself in complete awe of God, His love and His infinite capacity to express beauty in flawed humanity
  • I sense some of Jesus’ love for me through my kids – my kids know me extremely well & I’m astounded at their love for me; 
  • contrasts:  I find it interesting how Jesus will take a situation that is hurtful to me & how He will use the situation to expose a deeper reality of who He is in my life
  • miscellaneous exchanges with people – I get touched with how seemingly superficial conversations can reveal a deep need for Jesus in a person’s heart

I want my life to be about looking for Jesus – because what I look for is what I find.  He is the treasure that I seek.

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