Rest for a Weary Soul

I was talking with a friend today & we were discussing the various responsibilities that we have, along with navigating these while avoiding any catastrophes. We had a very nice bonding moment in the conversation, sharing with vulnerability some of our individual struggles. It was a very refreshing chat & it reminded me of something I read from Jesus’ words this morning:
“Come to Me, all you who are weary & heavy laden & I will give you rest . . . For I am gentle & humble in heart & you will find rest for your soul”. Matt 11:28-29

We all have stresses, pressures & responsibilities. We want to do well in these things, so sometimes we can get overwhelmed. Let’s remember to continually come to Jesus to give our soul the rest it needs. 

Here are a few more helpful verses:

  • Surely I’ve composed my soul within me, like a weaned child against his mother, my soul is like a weaned child within me – Ps 133:2
  • Do not let your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Me – John 14:1

Let your soul rest in the loving & totally able presence of the Holy Spirit

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Pressure exposes trust

There are some really great worship songs that talk about trusting in Jesus & how wonderful it is to trust Him. In theory, I agree with these songs & I appreciate their melodic & soothing tune & words. In practice, however, I’m not very convinced that trusting in Jesus is a really smoothy & groovy road. For me, the challenge to trust in Jesus often exposes areas in my life where I’m not trusting in Jesus well. Furthermore, the adjustments I need to make in those areas to trust Jesus better can be difficult. But at the end of the day, I am wholly convinced that it is truly better to trust in Jesus more than anyone or anything else. Don’t let various pressures tempt you to not trust Jesus 🙂

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24/7 Help :)

In my passion to know God, I want to be very careful that I’m not merely a God consumer & in this relationship for what I can get out of God. But in my desire for authentic & genuine intimacy with God, I am reminded from time to time that God is my Helper & I’m not “using” God when I ask for help. Rather, I’m letting God express Their (Trinity) personality when I lean into Them. Maybe one of the best ways I can genuinely love God is to let Them freely express Themselves in my daily living. Perhaps more dependence on God can foster greater intimacy with Them 🙂

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Things that help me to trust God

Sometimes it seems like I get in impossible situations. Some situations seem virtually hopeless & like they’re a total dead end. In these times, I feel like one of God’s main goals is to help me learn to trust God more & better. So here are some things that help me to trust God & maybe they can help you (feel free to add stuff that has helped you as well):
*keeping my focus on God works better than focusing on the impossibility (Ps 25:15)
*reading Bible stories about how God has overcome impossible situations (David & Goliath, Paul in the storm – Acts 27-28 & others)
*encouraging others in their efforts to trust God
*recounting God’s faithfulness to me over the years
*remembering God’s character – genuine love trumps all

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the trouble with being strong

Our culture applauds strength & independence and these are good things to have – they can serve us well in lots of different ways.  The tricky part for us humans is that we tend to struggle with the practice of balance.  For some of us, independence & strength are the fortress in which we live, sometimes at the expense of fellowship with others and experiencing the amazing and indescribable power and wisdom of God.  I’ve made it my goal to know & be close to God.  With this decision, I get to adventure through various weaknesses in my life so that I can begin to experience God’s immense but gentle strength, God’s tenacious and faithful love, along with God’s wisdom that far exceeds my puny mental gyrations. In the end, I’ll take God’s strength, fellowship & communion anytime – it is far superior to any comfort from my own strength or independence.  God’s ways are higher than my ways 🙂

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When trust is difficult

Trust can be a tricky tightrope, particularly when you feel like your trust has been betrayed or when the circumstances all seem contrary to what you believe. So here are a couple of thoughts about trusting in ourselves, other people & God.
In short, I’m not too keen to put lots of trust in people or even in myself, since we are humans with flaws, weaknesses, failures, etc. On the flip side, trusting in God has lots better results, even when it seems difficult. But in all honesty, I’ve also been disappointed in God sometimes when I have a short term mindset. However, when I think about God’s intense & immense love for me, along w Rom 8:28-29 (all things work together for good . . . .), my trust & confidence in God increase. And best of all, the more & better that I trust God then the deeper our relationship grows. Indeed, trust is an essential ingredient for intimacy 🙂

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