missing socks

I have three men in my family who basically wear the same size socks, so there’s a weekly challenge to match up pairs.  I’m tempted to be creative & see if they’d notice mismatched colors and ankle length with calf length.  And nevermind making sure they’re right side out instead of inside out.  So pretty much every week there are a few rogue socks looking for their partner & they wind up in the single sock bin.  From time to time, I’ll put on a mindless movie & go through the single sock bin to see who matches.

Sometimes life can seem a little bit like the single sock bin & maybe we’re waiting for God to put some missing parts together so there’s more cohesion and better functionality in our lives.  Maybe sometimes we’re like people in the Bible:  David, Moses, Elizabeth, Jacob and others, remembering God’s promises but waiting for the match up of these promises in our daily living.  If that’s you, I want to encourage you that God’s promises are faithful & true, coming to pass in God’s timing.  In the meantime, let’s decide daily to trust God our Divine Designer!

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The Dryer Shrinks My Clothes

In our home, one of my kid’s weekly responsibilities is to do the laundry for all of us. I often think that this child is shrinking my clothes from setting the dryer too high. But alas, we both know that this misconception is rooted in my desire to eat freely without consequences.
I think all of us have the ability to believe what we want & dismiss what we don’t like. This is another essential reason we desperately need the Holy Spirit in our lives. Jesus tells us in John 16 that the Holy Spirit will lead us into truth & in our modern living, we need an abundance of truth, full stop. Let’s make the ongoing decision to follow the Holy Spirit in truth even at the expense of eating less & exercising more 🙂

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Mate Finding

  Ever lose a sock in the laundry? Ever get frustrated trying match up socks that seem mateless? Recently, I decided to undertake a large project to find the mates to missing socks for my family.  After years of neglecting this project. I found 58 socks who didn’t have a match. 

I’ve decided that for several weeks I will endeavor to find these hidden mates but there will come a time when I’ll give up & quit. 

In a similar way, endeavoring to find among humans or human efforts the match or mate to my spirit is like trying to find that elusive & missing sock. Truth be known, Augustine had it right:

“Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in thee.”

Let your restless heart find its rest in God, the hope, joy & solution to all our wandering, search & desires. 

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