honoring Veterans

220px-Joshua-chamberlain I recently read a story about Joshua Chamberlain, a commander of 80 Union soldiers who were the defining force that captured 4,000 Confederate troops at the Civil War battle in Gettysburg.  Despite being outmanned, out gunned and out of time, Chamberlain’s troops were victorious, against all odds.  When Chamberlain was later interviewed about how could continue to face such impossibility and find the wherewithal to continue fighting.  He replied,

“I had deep within me the inability to do nothing.”

When I read this story, I was deeply inspired not to let external opposition & hardship overcome the guts inside of me.  Many of the Veterans that live among us today & have valiantly sacrificed their lives for our freedom found within themselves the same as Joshua Chamberlain, the inability to do nothing.

Let’s be as inspired to make a difference in our world!

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