Hot Topic: Get HELP!!

Changing a tire, smoke alarms, sermon advice, editing with writing, parenting struggles, matching clothes, staying patient, . . . . these things barely scratch the surface of areas where I need help.  Admitting that I need help is a very big struggle for me.  So when Jesus said in John 14, that He would send His followers another Helper, I always thought, “That’s nice.  I hope some folk benefit from that help.”  I never really thought I needed “help” until I began digging into Jesus’ words to His disciples at the Last Supper in John 14-16.

Having studied and prayed about Jesus’ words in these chapters, I have become unraveled and undone, full stop.  So I wrote a book about this & you should buy it, now (pre-order) before it becomes back-ordered.  Actually, order at least 5 books because it’s awesome for small group discussions, book clubs and giving away as gifts 🙂

Here’s some helpful resources to look at:  Heavenly Help

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I’d like your thoughts & input

Greetings & happy Wednesday to you!

One of the things I really love about blogging, fb, twitter, etc is how interactive we can be!!  I love getting to see your input & thoughts – they’re often extremely insightful, encouraging, challenging & helpful!  With this in mind, I’m working on a sermon about prayer that I’ll be giving in a week or so & I’m really keen to know of any books, websites, testimonies, resources, etc that have been helpful to you in relation to prayer.  So, please, please, please, leave me a comment, some advice with resources, websites, etc – thanks in advance for helping me to be more successful from your input!  🙂


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Around the world: Ethiopia – by Isabell

In Ethiopia, I experienced Jesus alot! I disovered it was a very poor country because of the people didn’t seem to have very much & the some of the kids didn’t have parents.  My favorite thing about Ethiopia was getting to help other kids!

I went to see king Menelik’s pic & crown in the museum.  It was very awesome.  I also got to see the oldest, most complete human skeleton in the world, named “skeleton Lucy”.  I hope you will help us raise money for water wells that we want to help drill.

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