not too small

 Sometimes I have these thoughts that run around in my mind that I’m not important, not making a difference, not being significant – the normal human insecurity junk.  If you’re like me, I get tired of these ideas.  They distract me from important things – most of all, my walk with Jesus.  But it is noteworthy to understand that whenever I get my eyes off of Jesus, the Source of love, acceptance, affirmation, comfort, Truth and more, it is in these times that I’m most vulnerable to the insecurity junk.  When I keep my thoughts & focus on Jesus, then all of those small ideas seem to fade to gray.

Keeping our eyes & thoughts on Jesus helps to immunize us from the all-to-familiar human insecurity mindset 🙂

This is a good mistake to avoid!

I’ve been thinking lately about Adam & Eve with the whole Garden fiasco. That was really a bad day for humanity & despite our Father’s magnificent redemption of humanity, there have been several occasions when I wish Eve would have made some different choices.
I think that one of her big mistakes was to have a conversation w the serpent / devil. And yet I think that sometimes we make her same mistake without realizing it. Here are some ways that we talk with or entertain the devil, his lies & deceptions:
*insecurity – we listen far too often to his accusations & utter nonsense about who we are rather than basing our identity on what God says about us
*ego / pride – “all of that & a bag of chips!”. Really??? It is only through Christ that we are truly invaluable, priceless & supremely desirable
*worry / fear – I don’t think that the devil sets the “worry or fear trap” about things on which we are strong. However, wherever there is a weakspot, that’s where he will plant worry, uncertainty, concern & even fretful thoughts or anxieties, be that about the future, health, relationships, etc
Can you think of other “conversation traps” that the devil lays for you???