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traveling to Angola for Saving Moses

Greetings friends!  Just to keep you posted, I’m flying to Angola with savingmoses because we want to put the tangible love of Jesus into action by helping to keep “the least of these” (infants & toddlers) from starving to death.  You see, Angola has the world’s highest infant mortality rate & the majority of the reason it is so high is because of a lack of food.  When I went to Angola last year, I looked infant mortality in the eyes & it broke my heart, knowing that the simple supply of formula & food could prevent the majority of these deaths.  So over the course of a year, we’ve been steadily providing money to buy formula & now I’m going back to check out what’s been happening over the last year.

So, please be sure to keep your eyes peeled because I’ll be doing all the blogging, fb-ing, tweeting, etc that I possibly can to keep you up to speed on our progress in Angola over the last year 🙂

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Beautiful Angola!

Angola 1
I just landed from a bit of a whirlwind visit to Morocco w mom & the group trip. Morocco is a very fascinating country & at some point, it would a great privilege to get to spend some time there w the people.
As for now, we’re driving through the countryside in Angola & I’m getting a feel for this huge country. Only recently has this country had any stability, coming out of almost 30 gets of civil war. Part of my introduction to Angola was to learn that red signs mean that an area has NOT been cleared of landmines & blue signs mean that the land mines have been cleared.
The avg family has at least 5 kids & probably at least 2-3 kids die per family. There’s not much of a public school system here so the literacy rates are super low.
I know that we are going to see some very intense & even outrageous things, while meeting some very fantastic people. I’m planning to blog everyday, paying special attention to @savingmoses – remember, Angola has the world’s highest infant mortality rate, due to malnutrition, lack of basic medical care & poor water supply. Let’s change this country!

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