Super Glue

Some people seem really well put together – hair, makeup, matching clothes, nails, etc. Then there are other people who don’t seem well put together. They’re disheveled, messy hair, chipped nails & forget any makeup. 

Having grown up as a pastors kid & being around people ALOT, I’ve learned that people aren’t always as they appear. Sometimes those who appear disheveled are better put together in their hearts than those who look the part on the outside & vice versa as well. 
Here’s the hope for all of us, dishelved or otherwise:  Col 1:17 says that Jesus holds all things together. I find this verse to be super encouraging because there are times & seasons when everything can seem to be falling apart, including me. Let’s never forget that Jesus is our super glue 🙂

Leaping Lizards!!

If a lizard jumps on my leg, I’ll likely leap in startled surprise, hoping to loose the lizard & releasing my lips in loud yelps ,)

Just some literary fun that popped into my mind as I just watched a little lizard shuffle with staccato footsteps along a rail, watching carefully to see if I’d do anything scary or startling. Truth be known, I’m not a reptile fan of any sort. They creep me out, entirely. So this lizard had absolutely NOTHING to fear, whatsoever. 
Maybe the devil is kind of like that, altogether scared of us, but pretending to be bold & strong by deception & intimidation – smokescreens my friends. The devil uses slight of hand, loud noises, spooky images & deceptive emotions to make us freeze & evaporate in fear & discouragement. Don’t buy the lies & stop smoking his weed. Only Jesus has truth, destiny & purpose for our hearts, grounded in nothing less than genuine love. 
No more leaping lizards ,)

aid for charades

Charades is a fun game to act out lots of different things.  If you’ve played this game in a group, you know that you’re supposed to act something out & help your team guess your word(s) based on your acting.  This game can be lots of fun, but unfortunately, I think we play this game in our life, from time to time.  Here are a few examples:

  • Sometimes I think we pretend to be humble, when the reality is that we’re merely insecure.
  • Sometimes I think we pretend to be confident when the reality is that we’re arrogant
  • Sometimes I think we pretend to be peaceful when the reality is that we’re apathetic
  • Sometimes I think we pretend to be strong when the reality is that we’re scared
There are lots of other ways we live the charade game & ultimately, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to be humble, confident, peaceful, strong, etc.  But my sense is that we can’t really have these things well integrated into our lives as a normal reality without God’s help.  Just some food for thought 🙂