My Roots Are Showing!

Here’s the honest truth: I’m about 80% grey & I have to dye my hair every 6-7 weeks to maintain a youthful appearance. My hair stylist says that I’d age myself at least 10 years if I didn’t dye my hair & he’s probably right since he’s the hair expert & I’m not.
And some roots are good. For example, roots in the Bible can grow fruits & results that far exceed our natural abilities & strengths. I desperately need God’s help, intervention & wisdom to flow throughout my life to empower healthy fruit! Let’s allow our roots to sink deep into God rather than letting worry & the flesh cultivate the yucky fruit 🙂

I’m a skunk

Ok, not like in substance but more like in appearance.  For whatever reason, I forgot to schedule a hair dye appointment and the wonderful white hair I inherited from my dad is now the streak down the middle of my head.  So I look like a skunk & it’s not merely a bad hair day but rather a bad hair hue ,)

We both know that appearances can be deceptive and hopefully, we don’t always fall for the trap that says a shiny suit equals sterling character.

But sometimes we do.

So let’s ask the Holy Spirit to lead us into truth so we don’t get tricked by our natural senses.  Just because I look like a skunk for a few days doesn’t mean that I’m smelly ,)