What If . . . 

When I was in high school, I thought very seriously about trying to get accepted into Annapolis, the Navy Academy in Maryland. For awhile, I was pretty serious about this idea & tried to accomplish some of the entry prerequisites. In hindsight, that idea seems pretty crazy, particularly when I think about my personality & abilities. 

Today, as I thought about the Annapolis idea, I found myself thankful that God has been directing my life, with great skill & wisdom. I thought about what my life would look like had I gone down the Navy Academy path – WAY different, for sure!  
So here’s the brief takeaway: let’s be mindful that we let God direct our steps, lead our decisions & manage our priorities. It’s very true that Father Knows Best ūüôā

lead us not into temptation

Temptation can be such an enchanting topic – we relish the allure of chocolate, ice cream, exercise endorphins, someone uber-cute of the opposite sex, a cool pair of jeans or shoes that are WAY out of the budget, an addiction we’re trying to break, . . . . .¬† choose your pleasure.¬† And Jesus¬†teaches us that when we pray, we should ask our heavenly Father to lead us not¬† into temptation.

compassIn an earlier blog, I asked why Jesus would teach us to make this request¬†considering that¬†He,¬†was led by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.¬† Furthermore, there’s lots of New Testament verses that tell us that tests & temptations (generally the same word in the Greek) are good for us with the strength & character they build.¬† So given these thoughts, why does Jesus teach us to make this request of our Heavenly Father?¬†

Here’s my sense on this conundrum (nice word, eh?):¬† I think we miss the main¬†point of what Jesus is saying when we get hung up on the temptation topic.¬† I think Jesus’ main point was that by teaching us to pray that God leads us, He implies that we will follow God & that He will direct our lives.¬† To me, Jesus’ primary objective for this request is¬†for us ask God for His direction & guidance in our lives.¬†¬†

Fundamentally, each of us need for¬†our heavenly Father to lead us each day.¬† After¬†acknowledging this need, then let us add that we’d prefer to avoid temptation – but¬†if God should direct our paths in any given day past temptation, then let me encourage you to look to Him for the exit ramp from the temptation (1 Cor 10:13).¬† But let us¬†daily request¬†our Father’s direction – we desperately need it.

temptations – help!

Dearest friends, I’m asking for your help again – sorry to be “needy”.¬† Two things:

  1. can anyone tell me if I can allow someone to put a picture in a comment?  If so, how do I do this?

TWO: This one is tricky.¬† I’m working on the part in the Lord’s Prayer where Jesus teaches us to ask the Father to lead us not into temptation. How do you deal with this in relation to Matt 4:1, where it says that Jesus was led by the HS into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.¬† Furthermore, in James 1:13, it says that God doesn’t tempt anyone.¬† So what do you think Jesus means in the Lord’s Prayer when you consider James 1:13 & Matt 4:1?¬† Any help, insights, thoughts would be more than appreciated!!!!!