Gravity & Granite

We recently had some work done on our kitchen that included replacing the countertops with granite. While the granite is very beautiful, it’s SUPER heavy. Imagine the shock when it started to become unglued & fall off the support wall! Thankfully, no one was hurt but it brought to light some interesting thoughts. The glue wasn’t strong enough to keep the granite attached, so we not only re-glued the granite but now we’re also installing corbels (a fancy architectural term for bracket). 
For me, I see this granite adventure kind of like the Holy Spirit working in my daily living. Not only do I need the Holy Spirit to keep me glued together, but I need all of the Holy Spirit support that’s possible to keep me in a functional mindset & to prevent me from falling apart. My flesh is like gravity – pulls me to the lowest level possible. The Holy Spirit keeps me upright, living in truth & holds me together 🙂

driven or invited?

a violent landing or a gentle alighting?  My husband & I have a few days in the mountains to celebrate our 20th anniversary & I’m watching the snow quietly sift through the sky to gently alight on the bright yellow aspens and dark green pines, dancing through the air to their final rest.  There’s a stillness and beauty to this routine and it makes me think of the times when I’ve watched a really powerful snow storm pound the ground with several inches every hour.  The wind drives the snow but the earth’s gravity is the steady invitation.  The driving wind can result in mangled flakes while the steady invitation lets each flake land as a gentle whole to the delight of observant spectators.

In our lives, we can be driven by our ambitions and desires, often landing at our destinations mangled, tangled and twisted up.  In contrast, we can follow Jesus’ invitation to grow closer to Him in the steps of our daily living.  Of course God can use our ambitions, drives and desires – but let’s never ignore God’s steady & continuous invitation to stay grounded in God’s presence 🙂