Fake News

I’ve been seeing some interesting stuff about fake news. It’s not surprising to me that there’s an increase in fake news since the regular news seems to have some questionable assumptions & untrustworthy conclusions.
What we want is true news – stuff that’s objective & accountable. We want to listen / see news that has been researched & proven to be reliable. We want news that’s proven to be balanced & accurate over long amounts of time.
But let’s never forget or ignore that Good News is ground zero. And here’s the Good News:

  • Jesus loves you
  • Jesus doesn’t change
  • Jesus is sovereign

Regardless of the fake-ness or truth of the news that’s reported, the Good News is reliable, immutable & eternal!

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Good News!!

“Great news mom! I didn’t get any zeroes this week at school!” Joy to the world!!!! Good news is always welcome, whether it’s small or big. When we think about Jesus, He is inherently good news because He is the expression of God’s love in the flesh to walk in a human world. The famous verse, John 3:16 tells us that because God loves us, He sent Jesus, His only son, into our world so that through believing in Jesus, we can have eternal life. Despite what we see happening around us, when Jesus is living in our hearts, we live in a good news world. So when you feel discouraged, disappointed, frustrated or despondent, remember that Jesus our Savior is born, God’s expression of love to each of us every day. Joy to the world!!


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