Brush, Floss, Repeat

Visiting the dentist isn’t in my favorite destinations list, but alas it’s a necessity. When I didn’t visit the dentist for several years in a row, that first time back was a killer. I’ve learned than an hour twice a year with consistent daily hygiene is the key to a happy mouth.
Keeping a happy & clean mouth seems to be related not only brushing & flossing but also to what we put in our hearts, thoughts & emotions. Proverbs says that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.
Let’s be sure that our dental hygiene is every bit as important as our spiritual hygiene!

Going to the Dentist

I’ve got my kids at the dentist for their regular checkup. We’re all hopeful for a no-cavity report, but that’s a stretch with 3kids & 96 total teeth (I think). We do this wonderful appointment twice a year & we cross our fingers, hoping for good outcomes. 
Sometimes, people treat church like the dentist – a twice yearly visit, hoping for painless, quick & uplifting. Alas, dental hygiene is kind of like spiritual hygiene. Weekly visits, daily Bible time & occasional retreats often yield healthy spiritual growth. If plaque is like sin, then steady prayer & Bible time would be like daily flossing & brushing. Let’s stay the course until Christ be formed within us – Galatians 4:19!