When You Fall

I hate to fall but moreso I hate the possible injuries that come from falling. We can all remember those times as kids when we scrapped up our hands & knees from falling. And as adults, it’s even less fun to fall.
Where – But falling happens. We fall physically & maybe injure our wrists. We also fall in other ways – like having a mishap / fall in a hostile interaction with a co-worker. Or maybe we fall from an emotional struggle & go back to some bad habits. We can fall when there’s an area of pride, possibly our work performance, achievements, intelligence, beauty, etc.
Why – We fall because we aren’t paying attention to where we’re going. We fall because we didn’t see an obstacle. We fall because we might be in pride. We fall because we’re going faster than our abilities allow.
Help – So when we fall, what are some do’s & dont’s?

  • Do clean out any wounds to prevent infection – don’t tolerate unforgiveness
  • Do get up & keep going – don’t quit
  • Do learn the lessons that come from falling – don’t repeat the exact same fall or mistake
  • Do keep trying – don’t find excuses for getting rigid & moribund
  • Do lean into the Holy Spirit to teach you how to walk together & prevent some mishaps & falls ūüôā

in the groove

mommy / bell moment

Does it feel like we’re settling into Fall?¬† Fall has fresh routines for me & I like it – as long as I cultivate constructive routines.¬† I probably should drop the swiss cheese & triscuit habit, even though it feels like I’ve gotten back into a bit of a better workout routine.¬† I also probably ought to stay away from the new donut shop I found on Arapahoe Road, even though they have the best plain glazed.¬†

As for constructive routines, I need to keep the morning habit w God¬†in full swing.¬† I’m also working on integrating the Lord’s Prayer into my thinking during the day’s activities – not the rote method, but at a deeper level in honoring His name, welcoming His Kingship, binding my will to His & then doing the sarah requests for daily needs, forgiveness, temptation avoidance & protection.¬† Another routine I’m working on is studying in the daytime – Greek, Bible work, message prep, etc.¬† Also, I’m working on¬†making meals¬†on the weekends that can carry us through the week – that’s a great routine & saves money!¬† Something I haven’t worked out well is an evening routine – need help there.¬†

What are routines that you have found to be helpful?  Suggestions are always welcome!!