Will You Grow?

It never ceases to amaze me how much we grow, as humans, in our first two years of existence. Not only do we gain weight and increase in height, but we also massively grow in our cognitive, emotional, relational and identity capacities. And we continue the growing experience when we go to school, learning lots of stuff related to communication, fine motor skills, organization, moral quandaries, computational proficiencies and the list goes on.

Just because we become adults, doesn’t mean that we should stop growing. May we never limit our capacities nor abilities to:

  • be compassionate,
  • explore new things,
  • learn new communication skills,
  • get more proficient with forgiveness,
  • become more loving,
  • take on new ideas,
  • meet new people

Let’s keep growing!!

Learning to Love Well

Hello from Dubai!  What an interesting city & diverse population!  Our guide told us that about 85% of this city is not local & only 15% are native born. So I’ve been here less than 12hours & I’ve met folk from Bangladesh, Greece, India, Afghanistan, Egypt & lots of other places!  With such diversity, it’s helpful to be friendly, smile & be a learner. It seems to me that when I’m open to learn, that often helps me to love & in particular learning from people who are very different from me. 

Some thoughts for loving well:

  • See people & not objects, projects nor  functions 
  • Serve & smile
  • Flexible let’s me adapt to enjoy & thereby love better

Here are some interesting pix from Dubai today 🙂


Jesus Take the Wheel :)

A few years ago, there were some cute movies, Finding Nemo & Finding Dory.  Each movie was about the long search to find a missing son & a beloved friend.  When I think about finding Jesus, I’m encouraged that Jesus is accessible throughout every day!  Check out this video:

Jesus Take the Wheel

Not What You Think

Sometimes I meet people & they’re not who I thought they were. We tend to see or hear people & then create these expectations or stereotypes that are often, almost always, inaccurate. So I’m hoping to learn not to frame people in constrictive expectations nor suffocating stereotypes.
In the same way, let’s be aware that we might also make this mistake with God. It’s been my experience that just when I thought I had God all figured out, something happens that totally obliterates my nice & tidy theology / mindset. Rather than living in a predictable & safe human controlled relationship w God, let go of the reins & let God do more & far beyond what you expect!

Try Something New!!

This is a picture of South Park in Colorado. My son & I are grabbing a day over Christmas break to get some skiing / snowboarding & today I decided to try a new route to get up to the mountains & man was it GORGEOUS!! The views on the drive were entirely enchanting, serene & ethereal – almost like driving in a picture!

I’m really glad that I tried this new route even though there were some icy patches & a few parts were a little touch & go.

Seems like this could be a good mindset for starting out 2017! Let’s be determined to try some new stuff, even if some parts might be a little tricky to navigate. I find that often the rewards of new things can be better than the risks! Let’s GO!!

New Places

I like to go new places, so I’m currently enjoying our family vacation, driving from Denver to Washington DC & then back home next week. Presently, were visiting relatives in Missouri & Arkansas, so it’s an efficient road trip, seeing sights, exploring new places & enjoying some fun conversations with family. This idea about visiting new places is right in my wheelhouse: I like going places I’ve never visited before, full stop. 
I think this idea is also relevant to our walk with Jesus. Sometimes it can be easy to get in a rut or even become complacent in our spiritual journey. So maybe it’s worth some time to think about how to freshen up your relationship with Jesus. Here are some possible ideas:

  • Consider taking a few hours this weekend to take a hike with a journal & take some time to listen
  • Think about some possible ways to serve others – soup kitchen, homeless outreach, take a missions trip
  • Slowly read a pet of the Bible that you’re not very familiar with, keeping a pen & paper close for observations
  • Look into joining a Bible study or small group to talk about some of Jesus’ life

Let’s be careful that we keep growing in our walk with God!

Keep It Spicy

Jesus keeps life spicy 🙂
I find that when I put my trust in Jesus more than myself, life gets very adventurous & I love me lots of adventure & spice! Here are some things to consider for spicy & adventurous living:
*being in control can often sabotage many exciting adventures
*in Jesus, sweet & spice blend to be very nice
*spicy food, in contrast to bland food, can often grab our attention & cause us to more present in any given moment – Jesus isn’t bland
*keep your relationship with Jesus full of love, zest & spice 🙂
*on this Valentines weekend, take a moment to consider how you can spice up your love for Jesus – maybe even go to church this weekend! ,)


a word of caution

Generally, I don’t consider myself to be overly cautious.  I like to race my grocery cart in the parking lots, I like to snowboard super fast, I like to travel to remote places, and I like to take on challenges, usually.  But here’s something to be careful about, that’s been rolling around in my mind of late:

Be careful that you don’t limit God based on your understanding

I know that God has given us a brain & that we’re supposed to use it to bring maximum glory to God.  I know that many of us have amazing talents and abilities with our brainpower, analysis skills and learning abilities.  There can be, however, a down side to relying solely on our brains for interacting with God.  I believe that our brains are designed to function and excel in a finite and concrete world.  When we try to use our brains to understand God, I think this is when we can get fuzzy and murky.  Of course we must use our brains as much as possible, but connecting with God can’t be limited solely to our brains.  It’s been my experience that most of the deepest connections I have with God go beyond my brain & begin to explore the regions of the heart.  To me, that’s the greatest adventure of my life 🙂