experiments with love #1

I’ve been thinking about love alot lately, so I’ve tried to take a genuine look at what God says about what love & is not in 1Cor 13:4-8.  Basically, Paul breaks down love into 2 categories:  what love is & does versus what love is not.

Simply put, love is / does not: jealous, arrogant, brag, act unbecomingly, provoked, self-serving, rejoice w unrighteousness or keep track of wrongs.

Furthermore, love is / does:  patient, kind, rejoice w truth, bears all, believes all, hopes all, endures all & never fails.

Maybe this break down is easily scanned, but here’s an experiment for you to try in relation to loving God, others & yourself:

Take the above lists of love is & love is not & slowly think through each description as you relate the word to your relationship between you and God.  So for example, when I think about loving God, I’m not jealous of God, I don’t want to be arrogant with him nor would I be expressing genuine love to Him when I boast to Him.  Additionally, when I love God I don’t behave unbecomingly with Him nor do I want to provoke Him.  Here’s the tricky one for me – as I love God, I don’t want to only relate to Him for what I can get out of Him (self-serving).  On the positive side, when I love God, I’m patient & kind with Him.  I also rejoice when truth is done because I know that He is on the side of truth.  When I love God, I bear all things with Him, believe the best with Him, endure with Him when I don’t understand or agree and always keep my hope in Him.

When I do this exercise slowly, maintaining my attention to loving God with these individual descriptions, I’m extremely amazed with this experience.  Give it a try & let me know what you think 🙂

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Lord’s Prayer musings

Well, I’m very much enjoying this experiment & I’m big on experiments (I used to have like 3 or 4 old chemistry sets when I was growing up & I’d mix them all together just to see what would happen – fun times!!!).  Anyways, these are some things so far that have come from the Lord’s Prayer adventure:

  • better focus – gives my mind something constructive to ruminate on during the day rather than the random clutter & general nonsense that can be useless & even harmful
  • greater respect & reverence for God = hallowed be Your Name
  • greater intimacy & understanding that God is my Father with all the elements that connect with fatherhood
  • greater submission & surrender to His authority & will (respectively) – bend to my King & bind myself to His will more than my desires
  • more emphasis on God & less on me

So, if you haven’t tried the Lord’s Prayer experiment, read the blog below & give it a shot.  If you’re doing the experiment – how’s it going & what’s been happening? 🙂

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